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After my earlier article, talking about the past and the present and the award potential of Netflix's super aweseome show, Daredevil, which you can catch here, this is my second and final installment chronicling "Daredevil"

The Future

Although I wouldn't mind Daredevil ending completely and of course only making appearances, (I wouldn't mind just referTheences either, but perhaps that's what negatively affected Agents of Shield and we wouldn't want that, would we?) in Jessica Jones, or Iron Fist or Luke Cage, before becoming a major character in The Defenders. However, the show has been renewed for a second season, and my expectations have soared higher, with each episode that I've seen!

Super-Bad Ass!
Super-Bad Ass!

Now what is decided for the second season, is that Steven DeKnight will be stepping down as showrunner (or executive producer, sounds more formal don't it?) and will be replaced by Doug Petrie (from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel) and Marco Ramirez.

Coming to what I want in the show.

  • The Hero: He'll obviously remain the same!
  • Foggy Nelson (Don't temme he died in the last three episodes, I won't care about the spoiler, but no Senor Foggy cannot die!!)
  • Karen Page: I've got an interesting arc that can be used including her coming up (she can't die either!)
  • More Focus on The Courtroom: The first season had almost no focus on the "day" time of Murdock's life and perhaps some non-vigilante business by "Nelson and Murdock" would be interesting to watch!
  • The Villain: I'm going to assume that Wilson Fisk, is either dead or defeated badly, with his pride so wounded that he can't commit crime again. Or perhaps he's been reformed (he always was a softy at heart eh?). But whatever happened to "The Kingpin", I'm pretty sure he won't be a major villain in the second season.

The Question, that now comes up is...

Then Who Will?

Now, I do not posses the deep knowledge about the comic books from where all of this is adapted to make a completely informed decision and I'm not even sure if all of the rights to all of these villains are owned by Marvel, but here is my idea...

The Hand

Red and White, Classy Japanese, eh?
Red and White, Classy Japanese, eh?

So from what I've read, this is a group of "mystical ninjas" and are heavily involved in organized crime and mercenary activities. Now until the 10th episode, there is no direct mention of "The Hand" however, one of Fisk's associates Nobu, does appear to be linked to this group.

"The Hand" will surely, surely appear in the second season, according to me, because of a certain "Black Sky" references and Stick, who was Matt's Sherlock Homesesque teacher appears to be delving into Japanese mysticism and that arc seems to be un-resolved. Because even after intense Googling, I cannot find anything on the "Black Sky" and this whole part it's giving me sleepless nights wondering



With all the rumors about Jason Statham being cast in this role and of course him unleashing his fiery tirade (which you can catch here, if you haven't already), I think it's possible Marvel's going to cast Bullseye as the villain.

And Kids Is How He Shot Off Marvel...
And Kids Is How He Shot Off Marvel...

Now, if this goes through, there are two possibilities:

  • He's The Main Bad Guy: Personally, this would be the less preferred route, as from what I know, it'd hurt the aura of "realistic superhero-ism" that the show has built around itself! But then, if it goes through, it could fill the entire season, as the roots and development of the vendetta he has against Daredevil, would have to be shown, followed of course, by some sort of epic showdown (which should remain within the lines of the aura of realism)
  • He Isn't The Main Antagonist: Now this would be a route that I'd like, because he could be an assassin for hire, by the main villain, who plans this particular contract with relish because of this vendetta he has! From what I've read, he doesn't have anything "BIG" and thus would function better in the assassin-for-hire mold.


Damn He's Spooky!
Damn He's Spooky!

He has the powers and the mysterious aura surrounding him, to make a great antagonist to Daredevil. He has the powers of teleportation and a special "touch of death" energy, that is supposed to be by emitting microwaves (not the machine that you use to warm your dinner, but an application of a kind of technology similar to the one used to run the machine).

Although he has a bunch of aweseome powers, it'd seriously affect the tone of the show, which has made it so great in my eyes!


He looks more like a Scooby Doo villain! lol
He looks more like a Scooby Doo villain! lol

The main reason I've gained interest in this character over the past few days is reading Ian Simpson's post (here). The main powers of this character are using stage illusions, hypnotism and MAGIC!

But, just like Death-Stalker, this could harm the realism of the show, However, I believe that there are ways in which this character can be pulled off without affecting it.

Now coming to that idea about Karen Page, that I was talking about.

Death's Head

Death's Head, or Dr. Paxton Page, aka Karen Page's father. Now he is an expert in science related to radio-activity.

His death is particularly tragic and could give a great emotional scene in the show.

But again, this would mess around with the plausibility of the series.

After this mini-list of villains I thought would be interesting, I guess The Hand and Bullseye emerge as the victors for me. But let's see what the future holds for us!

Thanks for reading!

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