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  • Hey i'm back again, and i have a new story for you guys. First lets start off with my older sister Brandie. The one with the green shirt is Brandie, Brandie is the most nicest, coolest, and funniest person i know. Today its her birthday and she is 22 years old and a week ago she left to live in the big apple NYC. As you can see we are young in this picture but we are much older now. Lets get back to the story, last week my other sister and my mom were crying because we know we were going to miss her a lot. On the other hand i was all tough about it , i am the one in the dark blue shirt. She made this goodbye video and it made me cry a lot and my mom and my sister. On to the next sister Shelby. The one with the striped shirt, Shelby is the most strangest weirdo i know. She can be a little hard headed and stubborn but that's what makes Shelby Shelby. I like to bother her because its my job and i know she loves it when i bother because she laughs. She has a nick name, her nickname is Shaby. The reason why her nickname is Shaby because my cousin Ty when he was a baby he couldn't pronounce her name right. She has had some bad times but she has recovered from them and is doing much better now. She has to go to school during the summer. Summer school is the worst, i have been there and its not that bad actually. It can be fun and boring sometimes, but to me i think its fun except for the food yuck!. I guess that concludes my story for right now but i will be doing new articles every Thursday. I will wright back to all you awesome people next Thursday bye.

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