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As it accelerates its international expansion, Netflix is set to launch in Spain and Portugal this October.

As part of Netflix ambitions of becoming an international corporation by the end of next year, the company will introduce an online video streaming service in the region of Southern Europe. The streaming giant is planning to make a debut in Portugal and Spain in October later this year.

With a summarized catalogue content, the company’s services will increase films, shows and series same as offered by the company in countries such as France and Germany. Chief Executive Office, Reed Hastings, made an announcement during an interview published in “El Mundo’’ a Spanish newspaper on Thursday.

Hasting said, “I think Spain is going to be one of our most successful countries. There is a very high penetration of broadband Internet, and people are used to e-commerce and have shown they are interested in our product.” He also said that Spain audience will have access to its original content like “Marco Polo”, “Bloodline” and “Marvel’s Daredevil”, Reed Hastings said that a certain fee for subscription for the services has not decided up till now. However, he said that it will be priced similar to other pricing in European countries. Shows and new films will be updated and added periodically, involving of yet to launch comedy shows like “Club de Cuervos” and “Narcos”.

The original content will be modified to local likings and subscribers will have the choice to select the stream videos in English along with the subtitles, or might have the Spanish format. Most of the subscribers disappointment however, Netflix 2 most famous original shows, “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black “might not be accessible in Spain. This is due to the online pay TV Canal Plus’ already has the rights for these shows.

The piracy issue in European country has been measured as a warning for Netflix to enter the Portugal and Spain market. However, in an interview to El Mundo, Mr. Hastings said that issues like piracy did not frighten him.

He said, “You could call it a problem, but it’s also true that it has created an audience that is used to watching content online. We offer an alternative that is much easier and immediate than searching for torrent. We could think of it like bottled water. Tap water is drinkable and it’s free, but people still demand bottled water.”

Mr. Hastings also didn’t look frightened by the increasing competition in the market of Spain from the like of Wuaki.TV, Nubeox or Movistar.

For the last quarter, Netflix said it displayed around 19.3 million global members for its services of SVOD, up 63.5% from approximately 11.8 million members a year ago. The company did not provide its DVD platform on global front. It has around 40.3 million streaming and paying subscribers locally, and as of last quarter with 62 million international subscribers.


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