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Mission Impossible is a series which we all love.The fifth installment of the series is just a month and a half shy of its release and the trailers have already got terrific response.Ethan Hunt and co have done everything except one,i.e. a billion dollar gross.With Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol being the previous installment of the series released back in 2011,it hit the bullseye and was grand success.It is the most critically acclaimed film of the series and also considered as the best one by many.Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation (MI 5 for our convenianace) will be out in the theatres by July 31 and here are 5 reasons why it might cross the 1 billion $ mark.

5. It is 2015!!!!!!!!!

You might find this reason weird but it is not.Ghost Protocol was released in 2011 and grossed over 700 million $ worldwide.But since 2012 we are seeing kickass films like The Avengers,The Dark Knight Rises,Furious 7,The Avengers : Age of Ultron,Iron Man 3 easily gross 1 billion $ mark.Maybe if Ghost Protocol was released a couple of years later,it might have got a lot more than what it currently possesses.But still it is the right time for Mission Impossible to get one past the line.Fast and Furious series got its first billion $ grosser only a couple of months ago,so it makes complete sense for Mission Impossible to get one.

Furious 7 grossed over 1.5 billion $ this year!
Furious 7 grossed over 1.5 billion $ this year!

4. Christopher Mcquarrie

After watching Jack Reacher,i had a good impression on Christopher Mcquarrie.He is someone more like the story guy.Jack Reacher is a film which guarentees thrill.His screenplay work was very nice.The scene of Jack Reacher finding out James Barr not being guilty was vey well shot.I don't say that that Jack Reacher is the best film but it is a pretty good one.I expected a wider story for MI 5 and I thought it may not contain those trademark Mission Impossible scenes but my mind was blown after watching the first trailer.MI 5 has more impossible moments than any other film of the franchise.So MI 5 is coming more stronger than any of the previous installments with broader grip of story and mind blowing IMPOSSIBLE stuff.So Mcquarrie can be nothing less than an asset for MI 5.

3. Leading Lady

This part has been not fulfilled to the best by the Mission Impossible film series.The first two films really lacked a strong female lead. MI 3 had Ethan Hunt married but still that leading lady who kicks the baddies was missing.Paula Patton was good in the Ghost Protocol but still could not fulfill that punch which was always missing in the series.But Rebecca Ferguson has been promising in the trailer.She looks like the X factor which the series always missed (actually it does not need but now it does).She looked like a good analyst who guides Ethan when he is in water,some one whom you can trust with the sniper,someone who can win a fight with a badass.She is someone to lookout for in MI 5 and definitely can add the punch to help the film reach the billion $ mark.

Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

2. Tom Cruise

The first name which comes to our mind when we hear the word Mission Impossible. Show me an actor who climbs the world's tallest building without a stunt double,who can hold his breath for six minutes so that the underwater scene can be shot without any cuts,who can stick around to a moving airplane that too at the age of 52.Is he mental or retard or insane??? No,it is simply his dedication and passion towards his work.He is not just an American star but he is an international star loved all around the globe.Tom Cruise risked his life for shooting the airplane scene in MI 5 (which he later revealed he was very frightened doing it).But his risks can go well and be loved on the big screen and Tom Cruise can steer MI 5 towards the billion $ mark.Some people may hate him but you gotta admit the fact that he is the most dedicated actor we have today.

Tom Cruise held his breath for 6 min for this scene
Tom Cruise held his breath for 6 min for this scene

1. Entertainment,Entertainment,Entertainment!

How did The Avengers become such a huge success?How did Furious 7 become a massive hit? The answer is simple entertainment and fun.Compared to those films, [Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation](tag:373501) has broader plot which is addition to the colourful films.When you watch a Mission Impossible film,you expect entertainment,exhilarating and mind blowing sequences.The trailer of MI 5 already showed us that this film will have kickass action sequences,fast cars and bikes,even an AIRPLANE :P .Simon Pegg definitely brings some light funny moments and most importantly it is a mission impossible movie.

With all these factors I strongly feel that MI 5 might hit the bull'seye and gross billion $.

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