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Tragedy is in no shortage in Hollywood. Young stars rise fast and fall hard. But few o these stories are as iconic as that of the bright burning starlet that left to her death in 1932, just as her career was set to illuminate the silver screen!

Now, Arcane Pacific Entertainment is set to bring this heartbreaking and comber tale to life! This is a unique and creative tale about a suicidal tragedy in 1932, surrounding the opening debut of a film in which Peg Enwistle's role had been almost entirely cut out.

Set amidst the height of the great depression, Hollywood Girl takes place during the golden era of radio, and music will play an important role, as we intend to evoke strong emotional empathy for Peg Entwistle, a woman most only thought they knew.

A story about a suicide Peg may have believed would be a symbolic way to leave behind a legacy... an imagination of her last thoughts as she climbed up a mountain and jumped off the Hollywood Sign to her untimely death.

Peg’s story is full of irony indeed. It was believed that she was upset over the fact that she couldn’t get work as an actor, but, in fact, she had already achieved such a great deal of success on Broadway, and even though she may have suffered a setback in her film career, she was still way ahead of what most actors could hope to achieve.


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