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The synopsis of Batman v Superman is out. So let's read up!

Basically, it's what we already know and are expecting... Or, is it?

The Fight Between Legends!

Of course this is going to happen! Some have said that it would be in a dream sequence, but come on! Even the guy who choreographed the fight scenes confirmed it! Anyway, this is something we know. Batman fighting Superman. What about: "a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than its ever known before." Who or what could this new threat be?


A lot of people (including myself) don't want to see Doomsday this early in the DCCU. His character is a big part of the mythos of Superman. Doomsday is a game changer. Regardless, this rumor has been popping up for a while and it's something that could happen.

If they use Doomsday, then they have to acknowledge that he can't die in the same way twice. Doomsday is super interesting in the Justice League Animated Series so him making his debut has a strong chance of successfully adapting a great storyline. Lex Luthor will obviously be a crucial part of the movie, but I don't see him doing any actual fighting.

It's looking more and more likely that Doomsday will be the villain that they face, but what if he's not? Who can fill those evil shoes?


Metallo adds something different to the table, not only bringing down Superman physically, but mentally. There's a lot they could do with the character, but one thing they can really do is introduce new tech and characters. Not only does this open the door for Cadmus and ARGUS... but Cyborg!


All they need to do is introduce the technology that built Metallo and incorporate it for Victor Stone. That's all!

There's also Kryptonite, but you can already guess that.

There's this, too...

Okay, so we talked about the obvious, now let's get into the heroes who can make an appearance. Wonder Woman is a no-brainer! Lex Luthor too, Cyborg I heard was minor and so was Aquaman. The synopsis tells you what you already know, and that's a good thing. Some say the synopsis should've stopped with, "while the world wrestles with what kind of hero it needs."

We still don't have a clue on who Callan Mulvey and Scoot McNairy are playing. Some say McNairy will play Jimmy Olsen, but I believe there's a female version already. Here's my hopes...

Dr. Magnus would work well for research: Cyborg, Metallo (not knowing what he's done), and the Metal Men!

I don't like this particular design, but still... Mulvey as Metallo! That would be perfect.

The synopsis is pretty decent. I think it makes it pretty clear that the other superheroes in the movie will be less of a spectacle than we previously thought and that it will be all about titular characters, Batman and Superman! While we're still not sure who the villain is, it's most likely to be Doomsday. That "a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than its ever known before" thing kind of gives it away. They could use him as a experimental test run gone wrong. I really want Metallo in this, though.

Check out the trailer again!

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