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A cynic who's eaten one too many Redvines
Collins Vincent

It seems as though Cartoon Network has a hard time letting go of old shows since they have no intention of retiring the ben 10 character any time soon. The studio actually has plans to reboot the property and the concept art for the project can be seen above, Looks even more cartoonish than ominiverse, doesn't it? It's not clear where they plan to go with the story and ben 10 mythos, although there is the possibility of new never-before seen aliens appearing on the show.

This show has alot riding on it since Omniverse tried to take a more comedic approach compared to other seasons of ben 10, it sort of worked but not really. The new show will have to do something interesting with the character or else it risks falling into the category of mediocrity. Based on the animation style the show could be similar to "teen titans go" but hopefully that's not the case. There haven't been any other plot details so it's hard to paint a picture of how the show will stack up to prior seasons.


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