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Ronin H Mentalix

Okay, let me just say first of I'm probably either going to piss a few people off or be dismissed as a ignorant bandwagoneer (which I can't really disagree to) because I don't understand why people are getting bent over backwards over Johnny Storm being black in the upcoming F4 movie.

I have not read and Fantastic Four comics before, and am limited to the "guest appearances" in major (Civil War, Age of Ultron) or spin off comic lines (Mc2) so bear with me for a moment.

When the news that a rebooted Fantastic Four was going to come our way, there were many varying reactions ranging from distrust of Fox to excitement in general. And so the rumors began of what the plans for this new F4 movie will have. My favorite rumor of that mill house was the possible gender bending of Doom, because of the theoretical love triangle between Doom, Reed and Sue that supposedly existed in 2003 movie.

When I heard of Michael B Jordon being casted as Johnny Storm, I was admittedly, confused. But after a thought I went with it because, as limited as my exposure to The Fantastic Four has been, nothing I've seen has ever insisted that he HAS to be Caucasian. Seeing the 2003 F4 introduced me to Johnny Storm as being a white guy, but nothing he did bleed any history of requiring to be white beyond the comics portraying him as white.

Sue Storm however, needs to be a white woman, because part off her character cornerstone is the expectations of women in the 60s being the good stay at home make way for man woman of that era. Sure, that idea has died out now, but the desire to be more is, her Feminine Mystique, is still there. And with a brother that is privileged by society and a husband that gets lost in his work, her drive to be someone of strength is all the more important.

The casting of Michael B Jordon is one I've grown comfortable with because in aa cast announcement they gave me an idea of who Sue Storm is immediately, by making her the odd(wo)man out of a family that cared for her growing up. As for Johnny Storm being black, well, I'll wait and see what Jordon does. I believe, black or not, he'll do well giving us a Johnny Storm to love.


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