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Once again Moviepilot has asked their amazingly imaginative creators to compete in one of its beloved contests. This time around we were asked to make a fan cast of a movie, TV show, game, or movie with a confirmed cast. Since all of the heroes for the Justice League movie are already cast, I thought I would choose to fan cast just the heroes of the movie, since I feel that some other actors could play the roles better. So without further ado, my fan cast for the Justice League.

Superman-Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer has the boy scout look, and it wouldn't be hard for him to build a little muscle for the role. While Henry Cavill is hands down the best Superman, Bomer could certainly give him a run for his money.

Batman-Karl Urban

I've wanted Karl Urban to be Batman ever since Bale threw in the towel. He can play dark like nobody's business, and he's cheeky enough to pull off Bruce Wayne. He has the look, he has the talent, he's in shape, and there's no reason for him not to play Batman.

Wonder Woman-Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is an amazing action star, and while she isn't as beefy as I'd like Wonder Woman to be, neither is Gal Gadot. However, Wilde looks like Wonder Woman, and she has plenty of action background.

Green Lantern-Chris Pine

While Ryan Reynolds does make a good Green Lantern, I think we would all like to forget about the terrible movie he was in. I feel like they should reboot Green Lantern for Justice League, and who better than Chris Pine? He's funny, people love him, and he's an amazing actor. It doesn't take all that much to be Green Lantern, and Pine would blow the role out of the water.

The Flash-Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien can play action roles and be nerdy, and that's what The Flash is all about. O'Brien can pull off the happy-go-lucky Barry Allen, and turn right around into a fight scene as The Flash. While Ezra Miller can do the same thing, I don't think he can do it as good as Dylan O'Brien.

Aquaman-Matt Damon

While I'm sure Jason Momoa's Aquaman will be quite badass, I would rather see the traditional Aquaman on screen. You know, the dreamy guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Matt Damon is the ideal actor for that kind of Aquaman. He's built like Aquaman is in the comics, he has the traditional look, and he's a household name, which might cause people to like his Aquaman as much as they would Jason Momoa's.

Cyborg-Anthony Mackie

While Cyborg is supposed to be a high school athlete, Anthony Mackie could pull off an older Cyborg. He has the build of an athlete, and he could pull off being in his mid to late 20's, even though he's 36. Mackie can also play charismatic, as shown by his portrayal of Sam Wilson in the Marvel universe, and is no stranger to playing a supporting superhero role.

What did you think? Do you have an actor that would be better to play one of the members of the Justice League? Let me know in the comments!


Which casting choice do you think is the best?


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