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To millions of people around the world, the Hollywood sign is an indelible symbol of tinsel town's storied and glorious past. It is a symbol of dreams come true and rags-to-riches good fortune.

But, on a fateful night in 1932, it became a place where the lofty dreams of a rising starlet were dashed upon the mountain side.

After achieving success on Broadway, Peg Entwistle came to L.A., to Hollywood to be a star, but before her ascension began, she climbed the fabled sign and leapt to her death.

Now, Arcane Pacific Entertainment is giving Peg one more chance at the silver screen in the upcoming dramatic film "Hollywood Girl," starring Laura Liguori as Peg Entwistle and helmed by the award winning director of "Love, Lust and a Room Key," James Pomichter.

To produce this tragic tale of lost dreams and dashed hope, producers are calling on Hollywood enthusiasts and movie goers alike to produce a period drama worthy of an L.A. legend.

The independent film schedule and budget has been posted on crowdfunding giant Indiegogo's web site and is set to begin filming this summer 2015.

"I believe Peg envisioned her suicide as a glorious way out, but I intend to show suicide as something ugly, painful, and in no way something others should aspire to," said Pomichter of the story. "But even though the media of the day had labeled her as a failed actress, remembering her in a negative light... That’s not how I want to portray Peg."

Pomichter said he prefers to tell the story with all the context of the era.

"I want to show her as a beautiful and talented person, who in the midst of great economic depression, fell victim to despair as so many did at that time," he told potential investors. "We can remember her more than just a ghost that haunts the Hollywood sign..."

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