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Despite mixed reviews following the leaked pilot episode a few weeks ago, Supergirl is still one of the most anticipated new shows for the fall season, and now we know exactly when to tune in to catch it!

Today, the official Supergirl twitter account posted this (very) short video of star Melissa Benoist revealing both the official show premiere and a little glimpse of her iconic outfit.

Despite the adorable clip with so many nods to classic comic adaptations (hair blowing, aggressively heroic music), the actual date definitely has it's pros and cons.

On the plus side, Supergirl will be airing on Monday nights, which won't clash with the already popular Agents Of Shield, Arrow or The Flash (airing on Fridays, Wednesdays and Tuesdays, respectively). It's assumed that Agent Carter's second season will be filling in the mid-season break for AOS a second time as well. This means that Monday nights will come down to a battle between Supergirl and Gotham, with Gotham retaining the 8-9pm slot on Fox, and Supergirl picking up the 8:30-9:30pm slot on CBS (according to comicbookmovie).

However, it's worth noting that Supergirl seems to have a very different feel to Gotham - much more of a colorful capes-and-powers show, similar to The Flash and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow. Gotham, meanwhile, lies in between a superhero show and a cop drama, so may appeal to a largely different audience. (That said, I absolutely love it, and this would be a very difficult viewing decision if recording TV wasn't an option!).

We also don't know when Legends of Tomorrow will be airing yet, although with this current schedule, I'm hoping for Thursdays. Live-action superheroes almost every night? Heaven in a TV Guide!

The other very notable thing about this premiere date is that is it quite late into the fall season - the majority of shows are returning at the end of September or the first week of October, while Supergirl is being held back until the very end of October. Late starts are a risky move, and often mean that the first season is a short one, and that networks will be making a decision on renewal after only a few weeks on air.

A late season start was part of the problem for another live-action comic book series; Constantine, which was officially cancelled last week when it failed to find a new network to call home.

With a leaked pilot and a late start, let's hope that Supergirl won't share the same fate. If you can't wait to see more of Kara Zor-El, make sure you mark October 26th on the calendar, and support Supergirl from the start.


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