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Marvel announced today that Jon Bernthal will be playing the Punisher in season 2 of the hit-series Daredevil! Jon is probably best known for playing fan-favorite Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead. I must admit, despite being a big fan of TWD and Shane's character, I never imagined him as Punisher when I did fan-casting....but how could I not see it??!! In my honest opinion, Jon can make such a perfect Punisher and he is really an underrated actor. I hope this can be Jon's break into finally getting more known, as he was one of the TWD's best actors. (TWD SPOILERS - i feel as if the show has been missing something since his death in S2. Maybe it's just me.)

How do you feel about Jon's casting? Will he make a great Punisher? I sure hope so.


Will Jon Bernthal make a good Punisher?


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