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In honor of Tim receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Tonys, here are his twenty, most memorable roles.

20. Mr. Hector in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Even though Home Alone 2 was a disappointment from its predecessor, one of its few silver linings was Curry's performance as Mr. Hector, a bumbling, hotel concierge. Mr. Hector's suspicious of the film's protagonist Kevin McCalister, when he checks in alone and he's determined to expose the young lad. And who could forget Hector's Grinch smile?

19. Forte in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

This might be a controversial pick for some as Forte's not a compelling villain. Yet, I personally enjoy him as I think he's so bad, he's good. With his pompous attitude, unreciprocated man crush on the beast (maybe I over analyzed that) and ridiculous outbursts.

18. Leichliter in Hey Arnold

Leichliter appeared in three episodes of the Nickelodeon series Hey Arnold! His debut was in 'School Play', where he teases Mr. Simmons' that his latest theatrical production will be another disaster, and takes joy in this predicament. Until, he's proven wrong when the show's a success and even he's swoon by Simmons' play. Leichliter was a theater critic in this episode, while in 'Eugene, Eugene!' he took on the reigns of stage directing.

17. The Grand Wizard in The Worst Witch

Curry's portrayal of 'The Grand Wizard', was charismatic and sensual. And when he sang...(sighs)

16. Rooster Hannigan in Annie

Rooster was his girlfriend Lily's partner in crime. Together, they posed as Annie's parents, in an attempt to claim the $50,000 Daddy Warbucks was offering. They managed to fool Warbucks and took Annie. However, when she found out the truth and consequently ripped the check, Rooster got enraged and tried to kill her.

15. Dr. Frankenstein in Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster

In this '90s interactive game, you control the Frankenstein monster as he tries to revive his dead daughter and avoid his mad, eccentric creator Dr. Frankenstein. Curry gives a titilating and mad performance as Victor Frankenstein, a demented and corrupted scientist who's none too pleased that Phillip (a.k.a. Frankenstein) has been stealing his notes on reanimation.

14. Lord of Darkness in Legend

Who could possibly make a red, big horned, seven foot devil that speaks Shakespearean, sexy? Tim Curry, that's who. The Lord of Darkness, is an intimidating villain who's determined to achieve eternal darkness and make Princess Lili his queen (you know, typical villain agenda). Viewers were haunted and attracted by this demonic force. And it's not hard to see why, ;)

13. Hexxus in FernGully

Hexxus was one of Curry's more hammier characters, however his unique execution of the antagonist made it work and fun to watch. Hexxus was an entity that fed on pollution and became stronger and stronger the more he consumed. It's clear he was having a ball while voicing Hexxus, especially when singing 'Toxic Love.' As seen in the video below.

12. Billy Flynn in Criminal Minds

I switched Finbar Calamitous with Billy after many of the comments wondered why I didn't include Billy on this list. Truth is, I'd never seen him in this role till I checked it out the other day and I must say I was astounded and impressed by his performance. This is truly one of his creepiest and most insidious characters yet, and that's saying something for Tim Curry. I think what really sold Billy, besides Curry's tremendous acting is his haggard appearance. He looked like psychopathic murder. Billy (notorious serial killer and rapist) appeared in two episodes.

11. Cardinal Richeleu in The Three Musketeers

The cardinal was a deviant who disbanded all of the musketeers, with an exception of three. So, he could succeed in his plan to kill the monarchs and become ruler of France. Cardinal Richeleu was an interesting cocktail of menacing, devilish, sophisticated, comedic, over the top, divine and entertaining. If you haven't seen the picture, I recommend it, for its decency and Curry's role.

10. Ben Ravencroft in Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost

Ben Ravencroft was a New England horror author (supposedly inspired by Stephen King or HP Lovecraft) who asked the gang to solve a family mystery. Till the big reveal, Ben's a pleasant and seemingly normal guy who happens to write suspense novels. It was a change of a pace for Curry and proved that he could play subtle characters.

9. Wadsworth in Clue

Probably one of the most famous butlers in film. Wadsworth was a bystander to a series of murders that took place during a party. Depending which ending you value most, Wadsworth could either come out as a killer or hero.

8. King Chicken in Duckman

George Hebert Walker aka King Chicken was Duckman's arch nemesis who became an evil doer after Duckman relentlessly taunted him in high school, which provoked their peers to do the same. He regularly snared the private detective in over blown plots (that involved disguises) designed to ruin his life.

7. Taurus Bulba in Darkwing Duck

Bulba was one of Darkwing Duck's most dangerous adversaries. In his first appearance, he was serving a 99 year jail sentence before escaping. After Darkwing defeated him, his fate was up in the air (as he was last seen getting blown up) until F.O.W.L. rebooted him as a cyborg. Being his own man and no one's lackey, he refused to work for them and promptly blew up their headquarters and swore revenge on Darkwing.

Even though he made only three appearances, his presence was memorably intimidating. He was witty, brawn and had no qualms about killing innocent people, if need be. Out of all the villains, Gosalyn was afraid of him most. Till she overcame her fear.

6. Gabriel Knight in Gabriel Knight 1 & 3 (Video game)

Gabriel Knight was a swarthy, attractive, sarcastic, outgoing and tactile detective/writer who (inadvertently) handled supernatural cases. In his debut, Knight's a southern gentleman and book store owner who gets caught up in deducing a serial murder surrounding voodoo. Along with playing this intriguing character, Curry's spin on the cajun accent was unique and sultry.

5. Pa, Ma and Winona Brackett in Tales from the Crypt 'Death of Some Salesman'

From left to right: Winona, Ma and Pa.
From left to right: Winona, Ma and Pa.

Curry pulled an Eddie Murphy in one his most, undoubtedly strangest roles. In this episode, Curry plays all three members of the Brackett family, who are surely another set of victims of a swindler disguising as salesman (played by Ed Begley Jr). It's an understatement to say the con man got more than what he bargained for, especially from Winona (shivers). If you haven't seen it, and you're a fan of Curry, see it! It's so delightfully obscure and wrong.

4. Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island

Curry managed to not be overshadowed by the charismatic muppets as Long John Silver in this adaptation of Treasure Island. His rendition of the famous character was distinct and vivacious. Every time he was on screen he nearly stole the show.

3. Pennywise the Clown in It

Pennywise isn't a Ronald McDonald type clown. He's the type of clown that perpetuates children's (and even adults') nightmares. Curry has played many antagonists, yet I don't think any of them were as chilling, anxious or horrifying as this clown. He took it up a notch and then some with Pennywise. Did you know that Curry was so tremulous as Pennywise, that some of his coworkers on set were afraid to approach him while in costume? Now, that's one damn, skilled actor.

2. Dr. Frank-n-furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This is the character that people probably associate Curry with most, and it's not hard to see why. Frank is flamboyant, fabulous, epic, social, vain, playful, stubborn, fun and a hell of a performer and host. He brought Tim into the limelight and was one of the first, if not the first antagonist he ever played on the big screen. Curry was initially hesitant of Frank when folks wouldn't stop associating him with fishnets. Yet, Tim has spoken fondly of Frank in recent years. See, no one can resist his charm.


1. Nigel Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys

Everybody loves Nigel, but I'm sure you're wondering how is he Tim Curry's best character? Well, Nigel is Curry's own. Now, what I mean by that is he came up with the voice, implanted the Englishman with his infamous idiosyncrasies and (with the help of great writing) made him one of the more endearing and loving dads on TV. Nigel could make you laugh and cry, he's almost human except for the fact he's 2 dimensional.

Congrats on your award Tim Curry. I doubt you'll come across this article, but by the off chance you do, I want to let you know that you're an amazing actor who made my childhood 100x better with your work.


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