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Nintendo was my first introduction to the video game world. As a kid I had a purple Game Boy Color and a Nintendo 64, When The Game Cube came out I got that as well. I spent hours on my Game Cube playing Ultimate Spider Man, Kirby Air Ride, and Smash. But Nintendo is no longer the giant that they were when I was a kid. The Wii was a huge success no doubt, but the recent Wii U has flopped. And it's a shame because there are some great games for the system. The lack of third party support is what has been killing this console. Soon Nintendo is releasing "Splatoon" and new kind of first person shooter. However it is obvious that their current supply of the usual Nintendo games is not cutting. So I have made a list of games that Nintendo NEEDS to release for the Wii U. If big publishers like EA, Ubisoft, and Activision wont release their big titles on Nintendo's console, Than the Big N will have to do this all by themselves.

1. Kirby Air Ride Sequel

One of the best games from the GameCube era.
One of the best games from the GameCube era.

Kirby Air Ride was easily one of the best racing games on the GameCube. I would even contest that it was better than Mario Kart Double Dash. This game was that good. Nintendo needs to hurry up and make a sequel for this game. I guarantee gamer's would eat it up.

2. Red Steel 3

Sequel. Please?
Sequel. Please?

The original Red Steel was an ambitious title with a lot of potential. The motion controlled sword game play was something that gamer's only dreamed of up to that point. It's sequel took full advantage of the motion plus add on and was even better. Nintendo is in desperate need of titles that would appeal to an older audience. Gamers need more than just the most recent Mario game (That's not a Mario diss, Nintendo just needs more variety). Red Steel deserves a sequel and Nintendo needs to make it happen.

3. The Conduit 3

Nintendo's answer to Halo.
Nintendo's answer to Halo.

Microsoft has Halo. Sony has Kill Zone. Nintendo had The Conduit. A fun fast paced first person Sci-Fi shooter. The graphics were great for a Wii game and was the best shooter for the console. Nintendo need's a "bro" game. The type of shooter game that college kids will play in their dorm. A game that people love playing online, similar to Halo, with a killer campaign to boot. Get it done guys.

4. Metroid Prime 4


Nintendo needs hype. Like they are in desperate need for some hype. So i would recommend taking the same route that Microsoft did with Halo. Start a new trilogy. The original Metroid Prime series was one of the best on The GameCube and Wii. A new trilogy would certainly jump start some excitement for the Wii U. And I wouldn't be mad if they released a remaster of the original trilogy as well.

5. Mario Strikers

This game is just begging to be on the Wii U.
This game is just begging to be on the Wii U.

This game was very popular back in the day. And Soccer games still sell really well. So why shouldn't Nintendo do a sequel? This game was a lot of fun and Nintendo could use some exclusive sports games.

6. Beyond Good & Evil

This game has made it to many top 25 lists when it comes to the GameCubes best games. If Nintendo could strike a deal with Ubisoft for a sequel/Exclusive, you can bet it would reignite excitement for the system.

7. Perfect Dark Sequel

Classic N64 action
Classic N64 action

Yes I know, technically we already got a sequel on the Xbox 360 BUT... That was a prequel and as we all know, it wasn't that great. The original was great for it's time and I would love to see the same classic shooter mechanics with Next Gen graphics.

8. Conkers Bad Fur Day

All you need to know it that this game is South Park meets Mario 64. If that interests you, you can pick up the original on Amazon or Ebay. The game was given a remaster for the original Xbox however we never got a true sequel. Nintendo would be smart to snatch this on up.

9. Shadow The HedgeHog

Following right along with Conker as a darker Mario game, Shadow The Hedgehog would be great for the Wii U. The original was a lot of fun and I would love to see a remaster or sequel.

10. Time Splitters

One of the best shooters of all time. A new entry is currently being made by a group of fans who were given permission by publishers to create a new sequel. If Nintendo were smart, they would give this game a home on the Wii U.

11. MadWorld

Graphic is an understatement when it comes to this game. MadWorld packed a cell shaded black and white graphics style with balls to the wall action gameplay. It was a lot of fun, and deserves a sequel on the Wii U.

12. No More Heroes

Aside from WatchDogs, the Wii U doesn't really have any open world games. Enter No More Heroes. I never played the originals but I did see a few gameplay videos an heard they were a lot of fun. It only seems right that a sequel be made for the Wii U.

So there you have it. My list of games that I believe could save the Wii U. I feel that if Nintendo were to expand and release different types of games for their console, third party publishers would follow. Let us know what games you would like to see on the Wii U in the comments down below!


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