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That's right! We all thought the next big casting news out of Daredevil season 2 would be that Jason Statham was going to be Bullseye. Unfortunately it seems that has gone south because of all the fan hype (the irony kills there) and now they have managed to actually make that yesterday's news by casting Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead as Frank Castle AKA The Punisher! Holy crap I am having a total meltdown of geek nerdy fandom right now! This is incredible! No-one even thought the Punisher was a certainty of any kind, and now he has been cast! What could this mean for Daredevil, and indeed for the Defenders? Could Frank join them in the team up miniseries? That would be my best case scenario, but he could equally end up being a villain throughout considering his character. I wish we could have him in Civil War as much as everyone else, but it sadly won't happen. Having said that, we are seeing another major Marvel character enter the screen, and I couldn't celebrate any more!

Aside from his work on the Walking Dead, Bernthal has recently starred in Fury, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Snitch. Talk about a guy being used to gritty films. He's perfect for the part, I couldn't fan cast him any better than Bernthal.

In case any of you are unsure of the punisher, have a click here.


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