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Baldwin Collins

this 50s classic movie has been rumoured for a reboot by actor ben Affleck and

his movie associates, that made 'gone girl' (2014)'. the original movie was a alfred

Hitchcock classic. originally starring hollywood legends robert walker and farley granger. the movie about two strangers meet on a train, and end-up entertaining a conversation about murder. however recasting this movie i would hire john cusack to play psychotic socialite Bruno anthony, cusack is a veteran star remember in 'con-air' with Nicholas cage, and other serious film roles where he's probably showed a psychotic darkside to his characters.

the tennis pro originally played by farley granger who had another movie he made with hitchcock titled 'rope' (1948). hugh jackman would be perfect for this part jackman has played many dramatic roles away from his marvel superhero character, wolverine. playing a magician alongside christian bale and veteran star, Michael Caine in 'prestige' was awesome. and with Ewen mcgregor in 'deception' Were great performances. So i can see him playing tennis pro guy Haines wonderfully.

the love interest was orignally played by screen & tv legend ruth roman who played Anne morton guy's girlfriend and senator morton's daughter, British actress rosamund pyke would be perfect for this role, she's been in 'gone girl' (2014) as ben afflecks missing wife, which she played very convincingly and also play a rouge mi6 agent in bond film 'die another day' (2002) so she has that mystery look and performance about her as Anne morton she could nail the character,

the senator was originally played by veteran actor leo G.carroll who had memorial film roles to his name popularly remembered as mr. weaverly of 'the man from u.n.c.le. the 60s era tv show. however gene hackman could probably nail the character, hackman's movie credits are awesome. the movie 'bonnie & clyde with warren beatty and many more.


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