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Just over an hour ago Marvel announced that former Walking Dead star Jon Benthal would be playing the role of Frank Castle AKA The Puisher in the Netflix series Daredevil. Since then the internet has exploded with positivity. Everyone loves this casting. Why? Because it is perhaps the best casting in a superhero movie yet. (Yeah I said it)

If you’ve read any of the Punisher comics you know this guy is NOT a hero. He’s more grey than that. Yeah he takes out bad guys like the rehires do but he takes them out back and kills them. That’s The punisher. He’s crazy and demented. In Civil War (the comic arc), Captain America actually showed how much he hated the Punisher and refused to work with him (after Punisher off-ed some bad guys in front of Cap) because of his hatred, cruelty, and violence. That might sound familiar to a lot of readers, it’s basically the same dynamic as the first and second season of the Walking Dead.

Before Rick Grimes took off his hat and became a crazy zombie-killing machine, he refused to lower himself to the dystopian world around him. He didn't kill people. Jon Benthal's character - Shane on the other hand was less honorable and more pragmatic. He was a guy who lived in the grey. He did what he had to do to protect his people, at least that’s what he thought. At the end of Shane’s arc it was clear that he was crazy and bent on being the leader, the hero if you will, of the group. Benthal played that role so well. He crushed it. Now he will be playing a very similar role in Daredevil as the Punisher.

This will be so interesting and fun to watch as Berthal plays the very anti-thesis of Daredevil. Daredevil never kills, even when he was up against Fisk, he worked within the black and white. Punisher will push him to his boundaries and perhaps show what Daredevil could become if he ever crossed that line. I‘m confident Benthal will do a great job, because FRANKLY (YOU GET IT?) he already has. This could go down as the greatest superhero casting of all time.

Do you agree? What is your favorite superhero casting so far? Who would you like to see Punisher have a scene with?


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