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The trailer for Virtual Reality game Adr1ft that was specifically reserved for E3 next week has been leaked online. It is looking like a beautifully tragic portrayal of human endeavour.

Developer, Three One Zero have announced publically that the leaked trailer is indeed the trailer that they intended to debut at E3 next week. The studio were undoubtedly upset at the accidental leak of their showstopping VR piece but have embraced the mistake by displaying the trailer on their website.

"We made it with Blur. 100% game assets. Please enjoy," - Three One Zero

Adr1ft is a first-person virtual reality game from Three One Zero. The story follows an astronaut, who floats through the wreckage of a destroyed space station with no memory of the incident. All crew members are missing presumed dead.

With a severely damage suit the player must scrimp and save all available resources to stay alive. Over the course of the game, players find clues that piece together the events of the incident, and attempt to repair the escape vehicle to return home.

"At its core, ADR1FT is an emotional journey through action, consequence and redemption. In the end, the player will be left to contemplate the parallels between the choices he makes within the game and the ones he makes in real life." - Three One Zero

Releasing sometime within the first or second quarter on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Oculus Rift. Much more to come! In space no one can hear you scream! Amnesia is the worst of your problems amidst this floating wreckage. Almost hypnotic at times this next gen VR game will have you holding your breath for real!

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