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Marvel has done it again, Jon Berenthal has been cast as Frank Castle for season 2 of Daredevil. This is just another example of Marvel casting the perfect people for the job. It started with RDJ as Tony Stark and continued from there. Marvel always casts the perfect people for the role instead of trying to force actors to play roles that they aren't suited for ( see The New Fantastic Four as a bad example). Why is Berenthal the perfect candidate for The Punisher.

He has played similar characters.

Berenthal has played the brooding tormented character before with the most famous being Shane Walsh from the walking dead. The Punisher and Shane could go out for beers and compare philosophies on life. They are so similar its perfect and Berenthal played the role so well. Shane was always more focused on the end results and could care less what he had to do to get there. Could you not picture Frank Castle shooting Otis to save Carl.

He looks the part.

He looksaid just like the way The Punisher is drawn in the comics. The worn and weathered features of a former soldier and police officer who life had spread him way to thin. The is the look Berenthal has and he can pull it off in a believable way. When you look at him you can imagine him wearing the classic Black shirt with the skull on it. He also has the imposing presence that you can see how he would be the most intimidating figure in the Marvel Universe.

He could easily carry his own series.

He has the credentials to carry his own show. He has been in some big budget movies and held his own with such leading men as Dwyane Johnson and Braddock Pitt. He also was hugely popular in The Walking Dead, so much so that fans wanted him to survive over the main character of the series. He could definitely be in line for a Punisher series with Berenthal as the lead, which is something that Marvel Fans are clamoring for.

So what do you think are you as excited as I am over this casting or would you want someone else. Let me know in the comments.


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