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It makes many people cringe to see the words "serial killer" and "sexy" used in the same sentence. It even makes me cringe a little. The problem is no matter how horrific their crime, there are some killers on TV that are down right sexy. Killers on TV are always painted as attractive, highly intelligent beings even when it is usually the total opposite in real life. But who needs reality on their TV? The killers crimes aren't sexy of course....just them. Here are 10 TV serial killers that we couldn't stop drooling over despite their sick and twisted minds.

Michael Ealy - "Theo"

Michael Ealy with his stunning smile and beautiful blue eyes is often seen playing the dream lover. However, in his recent role on Fox's The Following, Ealy played dangerous hacker and serial killer Theo. Theo's silent demeanor makes him even more sexy as he's not flashy with his crimes. He's both intelligent (he often commits his crimes as a hacker) and deadly. He kills in a variety of ways which make him hard to catch and almost impossible to predict.

Those beautiful blue eyes will surely draw you in to one of his lethal death traps!

courtesy of Fox
courtesy of Fox

Christopher Meloni - Chris Keller

Most people remember Christopher Meloni as emotionally troubled and passionate detective Stabler on the hit series Law and Oder SVU. Before that role however he was sadistic killer, torturer, rapist and murder. His good looks were so sinister it felt like you were lusting after the devil himself! The man even tried to seduce a nun...and it almost worked! Meloni went on to be equally sexy as a detective because well, he's just hot.

His good looks and unforgettable evil deeds were enough to send women swooning while watching this unforgettable prison drama.

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Mad Mikkelsen-Hannibal

I never took Anthony Hopkin's for the sexy leading man, but now that Mad Mikkelsen has stepped in to the role of Hannibal in the hit NBC drama well, things have changed. At 6 feet tall with strikingly bold eyes and a seriously buffed bod, it's almost enough to make you forget that the man your watching is a vicious psycho path.


Part of Hannibal's sexiness is seeped in his intelligence and frighteningly due to his manipulation. He can justify and make you believe anything he does is within good reason. Most women find a man of great intelligence and insight in to the soul highly attractive and Mr. Lecter fits that bill to a T.

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courtesy of

Michael C. Hall-Dexter

The most famous TV serial killer of all time is said by many women to be one of the sexiest. Why is that? Is it because that instead of killing innocent people he decides to take out his homicidal rage on other psychopaths?


Dexter didn't have your typical pretty boy good looks, but man did he have amazing abs. He was also becoming increasingly good at acting like he cared about people too. There were some obvious times he was definitely very passionate for the leading lady in his life and Dexter did have many. There was something very charismatic about Dexter even though his whole persona was a big lie.What can I say? He kept his fake personality up well! In the many years we knew Dexter....and the many people he killed, Dexter just never stopped slaying the ladies.

Sometimes literally......

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Zachary Quinto-Heroes

Sylar in the NBC hit Heroes is unlike any other serial killer on television because he had super powers. In fact, he killed other superheroes just to take their super powers. His devilish good looks was the only thing making him sexy because lets face it, this guy was a total asshole.

Taking people's powers after killing them? Dude, get your own damn powers! Zachary Quinto played the hell out of this character as one of the most hated people on the entire show. He's gone on to be sexy on other shows such as American Horror Story, but nothing could beat the power stealing Sylar.

What TV serial killer have you caught yourself swooning over a time or two?


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