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A lot of buzz has been spread recently about the new Teen Titans television series on TNT. This buzz, albeit late considering the show was confirmed in November of 2014, has been very intriguing for me. I will be highlighting my fears for the show as well as what I am excited about. The rumored lineup for the show is Nightwing, Cyborg, Arsenal, Beast boy, Star Fire, Raven and Arsenal/Red Arrow. Personally, Night Wing is my favorite comic book character right behind Green Arrow. Don't get me wrong I am excited for this, but this is also the first problem.

Night Wing instead of Robin?

In a recent interview with the President of TNT, Kevin Reilly, he talked about he wanted the show to be "very true" which at first glance is very exciting. However, having Nightwing as the leader of the team shows that it may not be very true. In the original series or even comics Robin leads the team. The whole idea of the show is that it is a bunch of younger heroes, similar to the glorious Young Justice. However Nightwing is a former Robin who is older (early 20s?) Some resolutions to the Nightwing problems. Seeing as Night Wing is Dick Grayson, a former Robin turned solo hero after complications with Bruce arose in Gotham. They could spin him leaving Bruce and right away starting his own team of heroes. This would also explain the age thing. Plus the name, "Titans" the lack of "Teen" could be a reference to the heroes being older or it can be just following a trend of less specific names. Arrow, Gotham, get the idea?

Special Effects

The special affects budget of the series is going to have to be insane otherwise they will not be able to pull it off. Some characters like Night Wing and Cyborg do not need a lot of special effects if spun right. Cyborg can be shown to have robotic attachment instead of being half robot but that would take a way from the "trueness" while Nightwing needs very little special effects. The other characters however, such as Starfire, Beast boy and Raven all need massive special effects. This problem is what has kept people like Green Lantern and Superman out of the CW shows. But what the Flash did with some characters especially on such a low budget is truly spectacular and could signify some newly opened doors for Titans.


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