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Deadline reported that Marvel Studios will not be at San Diego Comic-Con this year. This leaves DC Entertainment with the perfect opportunity to completely bring it this year.

But what could DC Entertainment do with all of that space and opportunity? Well, the possibilities are somewhat endless, however there are a few things they could do to change the game.

Introduce to the DC Cinematic Universe

Hall H is the best place to introduce, or reintroduce fans to DC's movie world. Zack Snyder could use the stage to explain the DCCU and how it's different from the television version. Also, giving an overview of the DCCU could clarify the rumors about the direction they're heading in. Negative views has gained quite some steam because of the lack of communication from DC Entertainment. A proper introduction may squash most of the hate and renew faith in the DC Entertainment's process.

Wonder Woman

SDCC is the place to go full-on Amazon! Last year, Gal Gadot was finally revealed as Wonder Woman. This year at Comic-Con, we need to see her in action. There should be a clip, or a trailer to showcase Diana as the icon and powerhouse she truly is. And we should get some news about her solo film. By coming to SDCC heavy with Wonder Woman info/news, DC Entertainment could gain the upper hand in promoting heroines -- something Marvel struggles with.

Bring Out The Justice League

How cool would it be for DC Entertainment to bring out the full cast of the Justice League! They could even surprise us with Green Lantern as well. Having the full cast on stage would be completely epic. Remember the excitement over seeing the Avengers cast? Why not steal a page from Marvel's book and do the same.

The Floor Show

It's time to bring the A-game on the floor. DC Entertainment should turn their space into a mini Hall of Justice. They should bring those statues of Bats, Supes and Wonder Woman, the Batmobile, Aquaman's trident, interesting pieces from the Batman v Superman set, and maybe a statue of Cyborg. Also, if they can get Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, and Ben Affleck to sign posters or take fan pictures, that would be so awesome.

DC Entertainment should use this opportunity to TAKE OVER. Having so much presence at SDCC is key in moving forward and changing the narrative about their cinematic universe. If DC Entertainment get this right, the playing field could become a lot more interesting between them and Marvel.


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