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If a Justice League film managed to be put on the silver screen way back during the golden age, that'd be quite awesome. Obviously however, that never happened. But if it did, here's who I wish would've played them!


I think that Planet of The Apes' Charlton Heston would have portrayed Aquaman excellently. Not only would he simply rock the role, but it could have prevented society's harsh opinion on the King of Atlantis.

Green Lantern

James Garner not only looks the part, but is also no stranger to sarcasm similiar to that of Hal Jordan's. He would have been an awesome GL!


West Side Story's Richard Beymer would be perfectly capable of handling the role of The Flash, easily being able to portray a witty hero who can also go dramatic. Not only that, but he looks kind of like Grant Gustin!

Wonder Woman

As a two-time Academy Award winner, Jane Fonda would be able to handle the Amazon's role with ease.


After seeing his portrayal of Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird, I realized that with his welcoming and kind personality he'd be great as Krypton's last son. Many argue that he would make a perfect Batman, but just look at him! The suit and glasses pretty much scream Clark Kent.


I almost went with Clint Eastwood on this one due to just how intimidating he is, but sadly he just doesn't look like Bruce Wayne. Jeffrey Hunter on the other hand not only looks the part, but he can play a dark and mysterious leader based on what I've seen in Star Trek's original pilot.

BONUS: Lex Luthor

Yul Brynner would have owned this role. He's a phenomenal actor who's capable of playing one of the baddies, he's bald and he simply looks exactly like Lex Luthor!

Thanks for reading, hope you agree with my choices.


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