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So, what you've been doing this past 15 years?

That is basically the question that Liza gets asked every time she goes to a job interview in the competitive Manhattan landscape of millennial hipsters and young college grads.

Liza (Sutton Foster) is a 40-year-old mother who is in the middle of a divorce and finding a new job to support herself and her daughter (currently in India for an academic year). She is smart, she is funny, witty and has a very valuable tool in her skill set. She has life experience.

But does this matters? Not really. She is being interviewed by young females who don't value the hard work that is required to run a household and raise a family. She knows it, she tells her best friend Maggie, a lesbian artist living in Brooklyn how appalled she is that by being older she is basically out of the market, in the workforce and in the relationship world. After all, her husband left her for a younger model.

While ordering more skinny margaritas to handle reality, Liza is approached by a young mysterious man that confuses her with a 20 something-year-old just having a good time at the bar. And while awkwardly flirting with him, he decides to mark a date in with him in her calendar. Liza is surprised, but the surprises are not over.

After playfully discussing what happened at the bar with Maggie, she actually finds that is not such an absurd assumption to think she is actually 26. She has a great body, long legs, and wonderful hair. (Kudos to Sutton, she looks amazing in the role) Maggie tells her "people will believe what you tell them". So, she is ready.

Liza gets a makeover and with her new 26-year-old identity lands herself a job as an assistant for a powerful head of Marketing in the publishing world. She also finds an ally in Kelsey Petters, an amazing perky young editor who says she had a similar job right out of college and places herself as an ally for Liza in the future. Girls supporting girls is adorable!

With her new identity there will come many problems, but at the end of the first episode, Liza is simply happy to have a job, and a hot date with the tatto artist that propeled her to consider this idea of passing as a younger woman.

If she'll be able to handle it, that's somethign we have to wait and see.


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