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Liza is ready to take the world as New Liza! New Liza is a constructed story of how she loves the Hunger Games, she enjoys listening to One Direction and what she was supposed to be doing when she was actually living and raising a child.

For Liza, her 26-year-old self alter-ego represents embracing all the possibilities she put a stop to when she devoted to be a mother, and in her new job it means to be a social media savvy millennial with the power to attract the masses and sell interesting authors who don't appeal to the younger crowd.

In one of her first challenges for her boss, Liza has to find out how to sell Joyce Carol Oates to young females who don't actually buy books. But she has two hidden secrets, Kelsey, her friend who works as a Jr. Editor at the publishing house, and Kelsey's best friend, Lauren, a wonderful tech-savvy and not afraid young woman who introduces Liza to and puts an idea in her mind.

She pitches this idea to her boss, and now the publishing house is leading a campaign in social media with the hashtag "Show us your Oats" in support of the launch of the author's new book. Liza is rocking it as a the marketing assistant for this powerful women. But wait, oops, she forgot the hashtag. No worries, delete, repeat. Learn.

Liza is also doing pretty good dating Josh. Even so, she decides to have a date with an age appropiate man but in the middle of dinner she realizes, she's not feeling it. So she goes back to Josh. He still thinks she is only 26 and things are getting heavier between them. Should she tell him? Not yet.

In this episode, Kelsey does some development of her own. She finds a wonderful author who she is dying to work with, but the problem is that he might be signed with a competitor. What can she do to sign Swedigh author Anton Bjornberg?

What's next? IRL...


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