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In Real Life

I actually I didn't know that IRL meant that. But as always, Liza and I discover something new with each passing episode.

Liza is doing ok in her job, this episode she actually gets to bond with her boss over her online-dating life. Liza helps her land a date by changing her profile picture and writing the flirty banter with this virtual guy.

But, real and older Liza has problems of her own. Her house if foreclosing and she has to get to New Jersey to pick up and sell all the items the house once held. Since the money she is getting for those precious and vintage articles is laughable, Maggie convinces her to take everything to Brooklyn and sell it to the hipsters, artists and antique lovers that live there.

On the other hand, Kelsey gets her new author. She crashes a Sweeden embassy party and talks to Anton Bjornberg, she convinces him that her publishing house and she as the editor will be the perfect combo for the translation of his book.

In this episode Liza decides that she needs to tell Josh the truth about her age, because she can't possibly think of being in a relationship with a younger guy, however, there's a little catch. She hasn't had anything rock her world in more than 2 years, and when she finally gets to Josh's apartment he welcomes her with a wonderful kiss, a kiss that makes her forget the important things she needs to tell him, and she simply dives right in!

There's a lof of funny little things in this episode, like when Liza asks Maggie to tell her for reals how older she looks in the nude since the possibility of sex with Josh is on the horizon. And then there's Kelsey, who in her attempt to secure the Swedish author lies to the embassy host to distract her.

Younger is definitely delivering little jokes and funny episodes each passing episode.


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