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Fairy Tail is a very popular anime based off a Manga series. Just like every popular show there is bound to be pairs that people will ship together. Fairy Tail is no exception. Since the whole series revolves around the bonds between such a large guild there is also many, many ships. It would take forever to list all of them. So here are Four of the biggest ships that will keep you routing (and crying, shouting at the screen and possibly jumping up and down like a tween fan girl) for them.

1: NaLu

from the beginning when Natsu saved Lucy from some impostor who was only looking for female slaves NaLu will capture your heart. Lucy is always inspired by Natsu's strong will to always be there for his friends and represent the guild. when it seems completely hopeless and Natsu can't get "all fired up" Lucy always fights on because the number one thing Natsu has taught her is to never give up and to keep fighting her. This ship also has many, many funny moments when Natsu is completely oblivious to his actions and Lucy always puts him in his place. These two will make you laugh, cry, inspire you and all around make you happy.

2: Gruvia

When these two first meet they are from different guilds and are at war. Gray is an ice wizard and Juvia is a water wizard. and by that i mean she is literately made of water and controls all water around her. Gray could very well freez her and be done but Grays strong will attracts Juvia and her water becomes to hot for him to freeze. This ship will make you more frustrated with Gray than anything because Juvia is obviously all over him, she nearly destroyed the Fairy tail guild to get him to notice her. But Gray is very Ignorant and brushes her off. Even though, when Juvia is in need of help he is there no matter what and that's what makes this ship work. They have a connection that no one can deni, not even Gray. Have fun laughing and getting frustrated with this ship.

3: GaLe

These two are total opposites. Levy is the smartest and biggest book worm in the guild. She is loved by many. Gajeel is an iron dragon slayer with a very rough exterior who loves picking fights with one of the other dragon slayers, Natsu the fire dragon slayer. Leave it to Levy to break Gajeel's tough image open like a book. He is there like a prince when she is a damsel in distress like in her books. She isn't all that weak though, she's tough and is Gajeel's pillow to fall on. The "ooh's" and "awe's" never stop with these two.

4: Jerza

In my opinion these two are the most emotional ship, so i guess i saved best for last. These two where both kidnapped with the rest of their community and made slaves as kids. Jellal was always there for Erza when she needed him. As a kid she was a very soft, warming girl. But something went wrong on the island they were trapped on, he helped her be free. She never thought she would see him again, the only thing she had left from him was the name Erza Scarlet that he gave her because of her hair. She than built a large brick wall and found the Fairy Tial guild and trained to be one of the strongest wizard. Than in her adult hood she was re-united with Jellal and the ship was built back up only to be sent to a very, very, VERY wild sea with waves of emotions and flashbacks that make you wanna ball your eyes out. ( Don't be ashamed if you do cry A LOT with this ship because i have and so has many others. Jellal breaks the hard wall Erza has built and Erza fights to find the old Jellal she Knows and loves.

So there you go. And remember these are only the top Four ships. There are many, many, MANY more that will make you fall in love with this anime and there characters. This series is an amazing roller coaster of amazing emotions thanks to these ships and the problems they all face. But they all face them together and you know things are serious when Natsu get's "all fired up".


Who do you ship?


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