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I own every issue of Grendel and Deadpool. I am a veteran aswell.
Keith Cal

Well if all goes well for this Deadpool film, this is what we should expect from our character. I have high hopes that they are starting it out right since it will have Copy Cat, Weasel, Ajax and supposedly even Blind Al. Since they seem to be loyal to keeping his origins right....this may mean we get to see the old school Deadpool who is a tad bit darker and more psychotic than the new modern Deadpool. I personally am a fan of the old school but I love Deadpool regardless.

For starters he calls his mask his face, not just in this picture but multiple times in the classics. It really shows how much Weapon X twisted him up mentally and physically. I would love to see something like this in the movie.

He also kills alot more, and was really even a bad guy at times especially when we was first introduced into Marvel Comics (granted he was a gun for hire).
So this means he won't want to act like a super hero and infact stray far far away from doing so. In the comics he always jokes around about trying to join The Avengers or X-Men and fit in with the other heroes in his own demented way...old Deadpool would do no such thing.

He also kept the Rhino as his pet play thing and key chain...for days maybe even weeks. Granted it was hilarious but think about how messed up that is to shrink someone and force them to choose between the fun ball and the happy trails on a daily basis...along with completely disregarding you as a person...its just inhumane and psychotic!! So hopefully we get to see him as a complete sociopath in the movie!

Deadpool is so freaking demented and twisted that his house "The Deadhut" has a torture room called The Box. Its filled with booby traps and broken glass is placed everywhere. It just makes Deadpool's character even more F*#@ed up....and that is why I love it.

Poor Blind Al!!!
Poor Blind Al!!!

Deadpool hears voices and hallucinates lets hope to see that and if we are lucky the voices can be done by Nolan life would be complete if they did that.

Deadpool is a huge pervert and has sexually assaulted women and has a thing for prostitutes....he also sleeps in crime scenes when has no where to stay. So these traits are so not PG-13 material, I am so happy its rated R!


Which Deadpool would you rather see Old or New?


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