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The fourth episode of Younger starts steamy!

In the last episode, Liza gets to Josh's apartment but instead of confessing her real age, she ends up having hot, steamy, sexy wonderful sex with Josh. Things her rocky and wonderful that they end up breaking his bed. In three different places.

However, in order to avoid the complicated talks about the pass, and revealing too much in the conversation Liza asks Josh to keep things simple, in the present. Josh agrees and Liza is off to another day as 26-year-old assistant!

The publishing house is in a rush of positive vibe because Kelsey has announced she just signed the Sweeden author and they will meet next day to discuss the paths for his book release. Because of that incredible success in her career is "girls night out" for the gals!

Kelsey asks Liza to take her of her that night and avoid her from drinking too much. It all goes relatively well until Kelsey's boyfriend shows up and Kelsey drinks one too many tequila shots. In her drunken trance, Kelsey insists on getting a tattoo that represents her career success and who better for the job than Liza's new hunky and sexy tattoo artists fling!

The girls embark to Brooklyn at midnight and knock on Josh's apartment, by breaking a window. Josh comes to see how's calling, but ... he's not alone. A beautiful girl is in his company, and they obviously have been having their share amount of fun.

Liza tries to pretend everything is cool, and the next morning she tells Maggie she shouldn't feel anything because she was the one to suggest to Josh that things should be kept cool and uncomplicated. So what's the deal with them now? Let's wait and see.

The next morning Kelsey is late for her meeting with the author, and Liza lies to Diana saying that she gave Kelsey something to calm her nerves because she was stressed about her meeting with Bjornberg. However, the author has been waiting for Kelsey for a while and he's upset that she's late. Diana tries to stall him, but her efforts fail and he walks away. Just a few minutes later Kelsey walks in and she gets upset because Liza didn't have her back the night before.

Liza defends herself by giving Kelsey a very grown up advice. Own your mistakes, take responsibility for them and fix them. Kelsey in turn tells her that she's not her mother, and should stop reprimanding her, but she does listen to Liza's advice and goes find the author to explain the situation.

Bjornberg is not happy with what happened, but gives Kelsey a pass because she texted him a drunken message where she calls hi "hooooooot!". She apologizes and he in return... kisses her. Hey, they each get one mistake. Let's get back to business.

Liza gets back home that afternoon and finds Josh in her porch waiting for her to come home so he can apologize. He tells her that it won't happen again if they decide to be exclusive and that he wants to be exclusive with her, so they both share a little about their pasts and seal the deal with a kiss.


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