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Fans can in turn both rejoice and despair with Sean Maguire and Rebecca Mader being asked to stay on as series regulars for the upcoming 5th season of ABC's hit show Once Upon a Time.

When we last saw their two characters, Robin was ashamed of having gotten Zelena knocked up, thinking that she was his wife since she had cast a spell to look like her. Zelena was trying to make her half-sister miserable and take away her happy ending.

Many fans were hoping that perhaps the storyline was just a trick, so that it couldn't get in the way of Robin and Regina having their happy ending together,but with Rebecca becoming a series regular it looks like Zelena and her baby aren't going anywhere. At least with Sean staying on there is a chance of a happy ending, though I guess it will make the show more realistic with even crazier family dynamics and baby drama.

Looks like wicked DOES always win


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