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Not even a month ago Tom Hardy explained that he should be in the writing room with the creators of "Taboo"; the upcoming British mini-series which will be screened on BBC internationally, picked up by FX for the American release in 2016.

Production is set to begin in mid to late 2015, and Tom Hardy is filling his schedule to have no weekends off, but he'll be properly compensated for that. We have limited insight on the project so far, descriptions of the story being rather slim. So far it's described as an original story by Hardy himself, along with his father Edward "Chips" Hardy, and is about adventurer James Keziah Delaney as he builds his own shipping empire in the early 1800's; an adventure that will take him to Africa and back with a handful of diamonds in order to seek vengeance for the death of his father. The adventurer soon finds himself playing a dangerous game with the royally connected East India Company as he makes an attempt to start his empire.

Tom Hardy in LOCKE
Tom Hardy in LOCKE

"Taboo" is being created by Steven Knight, who also wrote and directed "Locke", also starring Tom Hardy. Knight also wrote "Eastern Promises" (2007) starring Viggo Mortensen, and is in post-production with "Adam Jones" (2015) which stars Bradley Cooper.

The film's story will share an era with the slave trade in the 1700's and the 1800's. I'm not sure the film will dabble in the slave trade or expose it in their story at all, but it's a unique choice for a time period. The British East India Company does have a history with African slavery, and will be the main character's adversary. I've got no problem labeling the shipping empire a villain as much of their business had been in the movement and sale of African slaves into Asia, particularly into India and Southwest Asia as well as North America and the West Indies. The majority of slaves transported by the East India Company was from Madagascar and the British East India Company and another English company the Royal African was stealing lives from Guinea and selling them to the west, in the North Americas and the West Indies.

I am still waiting on a brilliant film that exposes these slave trading companies to better express just how many lives across how many continents have been affected. Even if the film doesn't go there, it will be interesting to gain quality insight on the era in wherever these filmmakers take us.

Tom Hardy is already among my favorite modern actors and I think he's a genius at his craft. I can't wait to see his original story and the performance he'll give to it!


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