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Rand Benjamin Einfeldt

After watching [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) we got to see some of the Avengers go their own ways, one in particular was The Hulk. Close to the end of the movie we see The Hulk flying in a jet overlooking the earth below. What if he was flying to… dare I say it… Planet Hulk? Now I know, Nick Fury says to Natasha Romanoff that “He probably made it out and swam to Fiji,...” … “probably”... keyword. Not only that, but Romanoff said that the jet that Banner was in was hard to track. So he could be anywhere! And why not on a different planet. Seriously We saw the first Hulk movie and it was horrible! I went to see it in theatres on a date when I was younger and I personally thought that it wasn’t even worth 50 cents. I wasted 138 minutes of my life as well as eight bucks for that matter. Anyway, you get the picture. The movie was so bad that it needed a reboot! And it did get one, shortly after. The Incredible Hulk was redeemable, but it wasn’t until in The Avengers where they introduced the character in a much better light. The Hulk’s character became even more interesting in the phase 2 installment. Which is why I think we’re ready for a stand alone movie of The Hulk!

Granted that Joss Whedon thinks that making Planet Hulk into a live action movie would be “mad expensive”, we still need to see it happen!

Picture this. It would be like Gladiator meets John Carter of Mars! The storyline would be different from original just a tad, but still keep the overall theme. Will the Hulk save the world or destroy it? This movie needs to be made to save the Hulk Character!

Think about it, why did the other two movies not do well in the box office but the two Avenger movies did? The Hulk was using his brute-like strength to work as a team member of The Avengers. If he started out in a stand alone film, it would just be about how he controls his anger before it becomes worse. A typical werewolf story.

In the live action version of Planet Hulk, he’ll get a team to work with in a gladiator setting. He won’t like his team at first, but he’ll learn to get along with them so that they all can defeat the common enemy on that planet.

What do you think? Do we deserve a live action Planet Hulk movie added into the MCU?


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