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So MP's next contest is to recast a film, while I am working a fan casting of a Last Of Us movie, I figured sense they seem to be looking more for a recast of an existing film, I chose one that could really benefit from a recast, The Last Air Bender!

The Last Air Bender was a big flop! partially due to dull emotionless performances. However the Last Air Bender anime was really good, and I think if they remade The Last Air Bender, but with a better cast, it would do well.

So here is my recast.

Aaron Paul as Prince Zuko

You know what would be awesome, Jesse Pinkman shooting fire out of his hands. I really don't need any more reason than that for this choice, but I will go a little in depth about it anyway.

Prince Zuko is a determined and crazy man, who also has some good in him, much like Jesse Pinkman

Zuko starts off as a banished prince who's only shot at redemption is capturing the avatar. Because of this, much like Ahab with Moby Dick, Zuko becomes obsessed with the avatar. but toward the end of the series Zuko actually helps the avatar.

Jesse Pinkman is a druggie, and a gangster. Jesse was the right hand man to the infamous meth kingpin known as the Heisenberg (Walter White). Much like Prince Zuko, Jesse is violent, dangerous and full of rag, but also like Zuko, throughout his show (Breaking Bad in this case) Jesse has shown his compassion for others.

This is why I think Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman) should play prince Zuko.

Jackie Chan as Zuko's Uncle

Zuko's uncle, in the show you usually just hear him referred to as uncle. is one performance some actually say was a really good one. And yeah he did portray an old wise bad ass, but he failed to capture the charm and comedy of the original character. Uncle was always the comic relief of the show. but the guy in the movie? I think he made me chuckle a bit once.

I feel that Jackie Chan can portray the Uncle's charm much more than who the original movie cast. And you Know Jackie Chan can kick some but.

Ken Watanabe as the fire lord

Aside from Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe was the best actor in Godzilla 2014.

While he never does anything threatening, he does have a really bad ass voice, he's like an Asian Morgan freeman.

I believe that Ken Watanabe is more than capable of having the menacing presence of the fire lord.

Also, I would keep the fire lord hidden in shadows the entire time, that's what made him so menacing in the Anime.

Jenifer Lawrence as Katara

Jenifer Lawrence is really good at playing the strong female lead, and looking good while doing it, as we have seen in The Hunger Games.

Andrew Garfield as Sokka

In the Anime Sokka is a very funny and over confidant character, with a lot of personality. He has a very similar personality to one Peter Parker AKA Spider-man AKA Andrew Garfield.

I believe Andrew Garfield would do a WAY better job portraying Sokka's personality than the guy who played him in the movie did.

Chandler Riggs as Aang

He fought zombies, now he'll fight fire benders. Hopefully Sokka and Katara can keep track of him, Riggs does have a habit of disappearing.

Chandler Riggs is a much more experienced actor than Noah Ringer, and can portray much more emotion.

And anyone but M. Night Shamalan as the director!

Even Micheal Bay would have made a better Last Air Bender movie than Shamalan did.

At least in Ninja Turtles, Bay kept the Shredder in the shadows.

Forget Micheal Bay! Michael De Santa, the fictional character from Grand Theft Auto 5, would have made a better movie!


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