ByJordan Brown, writer at

This movie is absolutely great! It's the film to watch if you ever have any sort of wanderlust. Simon Pegg delivers a great performance as a psychiatrist that tries to find the meaning to happiness. Pegg travels across the world to Africa, through Asia, and to Los Angeles, California which is captivating on screen. The film is visually appealing with great camera-work and amazing visual effects that work to compliment the quirkiness of the film. The concept of the film, is simple yet can be expanded to encompass almost a two-hour film. The only problem I had was at certain points it's seems cliche and some times the conversations seem to drag on a little too longer than I would like. Overall I would suggest seeing the film, regardless of some of the poor reviews it was given! It's a feel-good adventure film that takes you onto a journey to figure out the life-long question.


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