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Nicholas Moran

Alright this is going to be a short but useful review. I believe there are movies people must see and that there are movies people don't need to know exist. But this movie I must say is pretty close to a must see. If you love Jurassic Park movies you'll definitely love this sequel to the series. This movie actually perfected the Jurassic Park it was originally supposed to be, but they made the mistake in trying to create a new dinosaur. The movie made plenty of references to the previous movies but even if you aren't a Jurassic Park fan it doesn't matter, the movie still works without the knowledge of the previous movies. The action was very pleasing with great comedy coming from Chris Pratt. The other characters had some comedic parts as well but Chris Pratt stole the show. I saw it in 3D on accident and it surprisingly didn't give me a headache but I highly suggest you see the regular version. Nothing against the movie, it's just I hate 3D. If you love the Jurassic series than watch this movie. Even if you don't, the movie is still very entertaining and worth the money. If you got time to kill this weekend and you are bored, make this movie your priority.

Make sure you catch Jurassic World in theaters June 12th, thank you for your time.


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