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Is the Fifty Shades of Grey fandom really that bothered about the cast getting switched out for a spin-off? Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are already such figurative ideals, I can hardly imagine much is lost if Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson don't appear in future installments. The question is, are the two stars looking to return for any spin-off, or are they looking to get out after Fifty Shades Darker and the initial trilogy is done?

Grey: What is this Spin-off?

Do explain...
Do explain...

The unimaginatively titled, yet bizarrely creative idea for a spin-off, "Grey" sees EL James' attempt to flip the perspectives of the Fifty Shades storylines to Christian's viewpoint. I would say this makes his presence in the story even more domineering and intimidating, but hey, it's a bold move by the author, so I won't fault any further push for creativity. Taking the story of Fifty Shades away from the idealized perspective of Ana, and telling it from a much more complex, challenging figure like Christian Grey could make for a darker character examination that's far from being escapism.

No matter how interesting the story to Grey could turn out, we can be sure that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson won't be appearing in any kind of adaptation. While the two certainly are returning for Fifty Shades Darker, their agreed commitments are to the original trilogy, and there has been no mention of a spin-off going ahead with them attached. It will be interesting to know if the actors would want to be involved, as I can imagine the two do not wish to be typecast with four consecutive films playing the same characters.

Does this mean a re-cast?

While the prospect of a spin-off after Fifty Shades Darker is still a long way off, there remains the possibility that we will essentially see the same story told from a different perspective with completely new actors. That actually sounds neat, as the initial "Grey" project is ostensibly placing a new filter over a story we're used to, so a switch-out of the cast could provide an entirely new angle. Many fans weren't entirely happy with the casting of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the first film, and while I'm sure they're making do for the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker, names first proposed like Matt Bomer, Anna Paquin and Emilia Clarke are likely lingering in the minds of Fifty Shades enthusiasts.

Grey manuscript stolen!

And here's what's endangering the entire project. Right before the release of EL James' ambitious endeavor, and manuscript for Grey was stolen, and risks being leaked on the internet, or sold on the black market. What does this mean for the possibility of a film adaptation? Well, while the Fifty Shades brand is still in a very safe place, with Fifty Shades Darker likely to be just as, if not more, successful than its predecessor, the foray into a spin-off may not happen.

It's worth holding out hope for this project, if only to see any departure from what has so far been a very straight forward adaptation. What are your hopes for the future of Fifty Shades of Grey? Would you like to see a recast, or do Dornan and Johnson now define the characters?


Would a Fifty Shades recast be good news?


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