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Given that Jurassic World opens this Friday, I find it fitting to recast the original movie! In the interest of brevity, away we go~!

Dr. Alan Grant: Kyle Chandler
I feel Chandler brings the kind-heartedness that Neill eventually displayed in the original movie, but still has the "I-Know-More-Than-You" feel to him and can handle himself. Chandler's a fine actor as well, and should be capable of being one of the movie tentpoles, provided a good supporting cast (which I hope to have built) that doesnt break the bank or have too much star-power.

Dr. Ellie Sattler: Diane Krueger
She'd be playing something similar to what she did in National Treasure- mildly physical, knowledgeable, hands-on, kind, and a non-eye-candy female, which is needed in today's cinema. Krueger seems to blend into most movies, which is needed in this ensemble cast.

Dr. Ian Malcolm: Adrien Brody
Malcolm in the first movie is kind of a sleezeball that tried to hard because ultimately, he's a nerd trying to play it cool. I feel Brody could play this easily and would be able to play it better than Goldblum

John Hammond: Morgan Freeman
The original movie has one female and one ethnic actor, so lets diversify a bit. Freeman is solid and can pull off any role he wants to, and would be a great addition to the Park.

Robert Muldoon: Terry O'Quinn
This may seem too similar to his role of Locke on Lost, but O'Quinn makes a great hunter-type with respect to his environment and will scorn those that dont. He looks a lot like Bob Peck too, so I guess that's a plus....maybe? You decide.

Donald Gennaro: Tom Lennon
The lawyer seems pretty generic to me and doesn't play a huge part, so we can just cast someone who blends in and is a character actor, maybe spice up the comedy a little. Hence, Lennon, master of the background character.

Dennis (Denise) Nedry: Rebel Wilson
Wayne Knight nailed this in his role, no doubt. I was almost tempted to cast him here again, but lets add the always great Rebel Wilson in something that isn't a comedy. She can bring a lot of the same things to the role that Knight did and expands her movie presence.

Ray Arnold: Sam L. Jackson
The only carryover and it's cause it's such a good casting and small character that it wouldn't make too much of a difference.

Lex Murphy: Amanda Stenberg
Granddaughter of Freeman's Hammond, and formerly known as Rue of the Hunger Games, Stenberg seems like a great fit and a way to increase her name value in a high profile fantasy reboot.

Tim Murphy: Tyrell Williams
The other grandchild of Hammond, Williams is serviceable as Tim, given his acting history.


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