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When it comes to family feuds, it sometimes seems that nobody does it better than Hollywood's A-listers.

Indeed, countless unhappy families seem to reside in Tinseltown with many celebrities choosing to cut a certain parental unit out of their lives. Whether due to reasons of abusive, exploitative behavior or just a terrible, terrible argument, the following seven stars feel they have good reason to turn their backs on those who bore them.

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1. Kate Hudson

Kate with mother Goldie
Kate with mother Goldie

When her father Bill left Goldie Hawn when Kate was just 18-months-old, her mother's longterm boyfriend Kurt Russell helped bring the little girl up. Over the years, the actress grew estranged from her biological father and has openly said that she doesn't care that Bill is her real dad, because she already has one in the form of Kurt and he's wonderful.

Kate has previously stated:

Bill "doesn't know me from a hole in the wall."

2. Angelina Jolie

Over the years, we have witnessed Angie's numerous estrangements and reconciliations with her father Jon Voight. For example, her dad had been known to speak openly about how his daughter has "serious mental problems," which naturally did not go down well with the Tomb Raider actress.

3. Drew Barrymore

Drew's hard-drinking father left before the actress was even born, and later, he was largely absent in her life, apart from when he called to ask for money. Her mother Jaid was similarly permissive and used little Drew to get into clubs to party the night away.

When she was just 15, Drew filed for, and was granted, legal emancipation from her parents. Yet it seems that this did not stop her mother from milking her daughter's fame, pulling stunts such as posing naked in Playboy just a few issues after Drew and selling a bunch of her little girl's childhood items on eBay. Nice work, mom.

4. Jennifer Aniston

Back in the '90s, Jen's mother Nancy Dow chose to reveal details about her daughter's love life in a TV interview. Then a few years later, she wrote a book with personal information about their rocky relationship, claiming that she was in no way to blame.

At her 2000 wedding to Brad Pitt, the Cake star famously excluded her mom from the invite list. A year later, she even told Vanity Fair:

"This is my last chunk of disease in my life - my mom."

Wow, I would have never expected such harsh words from America's Sweetheart... It must have been a truly rough relationship.

5. Meg Ryan

Meg has been estranged from her mother Susan Jordan since the late '80s when she became very public about how much she hated her daughter's first husband, Dennis Quaid. Eventually, she was cut out of her life altogether.

Later, her mother said that being unable to speak to her daughter was a very sad experience Indeed. She admitted:

"I wish there would be forgiveness. To be frank, I pray for it. It's a painful business to be estranged from your child."

6. Kelly Rowland

Kelly hadn't spoken to her father for two decades due to his violent nature and problems with alcohol when he finally reached out and attempted to make contact. Yet his public displays of affection (confessing his love for her in front of the paparazzi, for example) have only pushed her further away. In fact, she was pretty annoyed by the whole debacle.

7. Macaulay Culkin

As a young boy, Macaulay grew up under the tight grip of his father, Kit Culkin. His father managed his childhood career, giving his son an increasingly stressful amount of work and outrageous demands. All the while, the power-hungry man was a heavy drinker, and when he separated from Macaulay's mother, a difficult custody battle ensued.

When the young actor then took both of his parents to court, he won and then cut off contact with his father completely.



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