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Horror villains create their own deadly style

Their is not much overlap in murder techniques. Freddy Kruger only uses nightmares to kill. Hannibal Lecter never kills anything less than delicious. Leatherface would never think of using a machete over a chainsaw. Vice versa for Jason Vorhees. Pennywise wouldn't hurt a fly without his makeup on.

They also all wear the same identifiable costume, proving the cliche that evil is not only mundane but pretty boring fashion-wise.

London graphic designer David Murray has set out to change that.

Murray has upgraded a dreadful seven of horror icons (Freddy Kruger, Hannibal Lecter, Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Pennywise and the Frankenstein monster) in high style fashion duds from signature designers.

Freddy Krugger gets to wear a 2014 collection Junya Watanabe jacket. Hannibal Lecter dons a stylish Union Jack adorned blazer from Walter Van Beirendonck. Leatherface slays in a leather coverall from Rick Owens. Michael Myers kills the runway in a running jacket of grays and vital splashes of blue from Dries Van Noten. Jason Voorhees looks stylishly lethal wearing a Hood By Air. Pennywise reminds us that he is not just a Ronald McDonald wannabee as he eloquently poses in a golden arches red sweater beauty from Moschino. And finally, the Frankenstein monster looks anything but dead in a trench coat from Juun.J.

All seven are certainly dressed to kill.

You can see more of David Murray's work at his Behance page.

Frankenstein's Monster wearing Juun.J

Pennywise wearing Moschino

Jason Voorhees wearing Hood By Air

Michael Myers wearing Dries Van Noten

Leatherface wearing Rick Owens

Hannibal Lecter wearing Walter Van Beirendonck

Freddy Kreuger wearing Junya Watanabe

Via Crome Yellow.

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