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Over the last few years Tumblr users have proved, perhaps more than any other community of fans, that they truly get film and TV. Whether it's pointing out clever tactics used in Disney films, or demonstrating that they really understood Harry Potter, they've got it all covered. However, while we've uncovered some of Tumblr's brilliance already, the Internet is a vast and untamed beast filled with much more to give us.

Strap in and take a look at these moments from films that Tumblr users totally made great arguments about:

1. When they thought it was unfair Chris Pratt got all the praise for his transformation

Sure, Chris Pratt worked out super hard for both Guardians of the Galaxy and Zero Dark Thirty, but come on - Rocket Raccoon really brought himself back from the brink!

2. When they renamed Harry Potter in the style of another brilliant franchise

My favorite movie of The Harry and the Potter franchise is definitely The Harry and the Potter: Azkaban Prisoner.

3. When they found a Disney character in an off-brand Disney film

No one is as slick as Gaston or as quick as Gaston at sneaking into Golden Film versions of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and you gotta admit as a specimen, he's intimidating!

4. When they nailed this fake Guardians line-up

To be fair, Groot might have one or two more words in his vocabulary than Sudowoodo, but I'm loving Gamora's double.

5. When they found this secret cameo in Pitch Perfect

Back when they still had five members...*sob*

6. When they came up with the idea for my next favorite TV show

I would watch the shit out of a mockumentary-style TV show about the Avengers just going about every day business.

7. When they realized Mr. Morgan's true mission

Definitely one of the best characters in the film.

8. When they made a thought provoking point about people in horror films

Alright, I'd like to move to make this canon for all horror films, I mean come ON, everyone knows not to run up the stairs when being chased, right?! The only explanation is that they live in an alternate universe where they've never seen horror movies before. Well, excluding the extremely self-aware Scream universe perhaps...

9. When they pretty much summed up the entity that is Johnny Depp

And if you need any more evidence of Depp's shapeshifting tendencies then have a look over here.

10. When they brought up a great point frequently left out by Hollywood

Real talk: I know that details in films are often glossed over for the sake of faster progression, but in all seriousness, it'd be an interesting change for just one filmmaker to address this issue in a blockbuster film one day.

11. When they totally figured Marvel out

Guardian's of the Galaxy: Groot dies but not really, Avengers: Age of Ultron: Quicksilver dies but....Oh, wait.

12. When they deemed a body part too good for villains

You don't deserve to know the joy of the smell of warm cookies, freshly cut grass or the ocean breeze, all that you deserve is the annoyance of your sunglasses constantly slipping down your face, and nothing more!

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