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The one character I want to appear in a MCU film more than any other!


The premise for taskmaster is so good!

My main gripe with the MCU is that the villain is always defeated in the third act. What I want to see is a villain that either forces the hero to make a choice between defeating them or saving millions or simply outmatches the hero and escapes them.

Taskmaster could fit either of those catergories. MCU Taskmaster should be an ex-SHIELD mercenary that is hired by Hydra more often than not. His backstory could be that his father was a test subject for a super-soldier serum and that he genetically acquired his photo-mimetic abilities through that. He was then drafted into SHIELD but defected and became a hired mercenary. He should be hired by Baron Zemo who surrenders to the New Avengers in Civil War to continue to provide a threat large enough to cover his escape. He should be introduced watching videos of the New Avengers fighting styles and watching over a workshop of technology being built to counter the New Avengers.

Taskmaster should be able to physically best all of the New Avengers with relative ease. He counters Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon and takes them out before turning his attention to Vision who he disables by using a energy field generator that means Vision cannot move and remains in an intangible state Scarlet Witch who he disables by launching a projectile weapon that splits into tiny shards that are coated in a paralyzing toxin to bypass a telekinetic defence and finally takes down War Machine using Captain America's shield to hack off Rhode's arm. The only thing that prevents Taskmaster from killing them are Zemo's orders and a desire to learn how the New Avengers will counter him in their next confrontation.

He should clash with the Winter Soldier maybe in a bid to copy a new fighting style.

Taskmaster is the unstoppable Avengers villain!

The only way that the New Avengers are able to stop Taskmaster is to offer him a larger fee than what Zemo pays him to either stop attacking them or to ally with them for a short time. The end result is that he simply leaves.

Taskmaster should have a state of the art arsenal partially designed by him and partially made by Hydra

His classic sword, shield and bow should remain as well as wrist blades and several firearms. He should have a kind of exo-skeletal support system for his arms, legs and back

What do you guys think of my MCU Taskmaster?


Who you want to see Taskmaster as a big villain in the MCU?


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