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Over in Las Vegas, the Licensing Expo is in full swing and Warner Bros. were on hand with some simply incredible wares to get our mouths drooling. And drool they will.

Besides giving us a closer look at Batman v Superman's Batmobile, WB brought along the costumes of Batman, Superman and the wonderful woman herself Diana Prince. Though we've already had subtle and fleeting glimpses of each costume, the expo has allowed us a much more detailed gaze at the garb of heroes.

Check them out:

H/T to Collider and Coming Soon for the pics!


We're already quite acquainted with ol' Supes snug outfit thanks to Man of Steel, but still... it is damn cool nonetheless, and pretty much unchanged.


Whilst The Dark Knight's costume looks badass and well in-fitting with his adventures in The Dark Knight Returns, it doesn't look particularly protective. Unlike Nolanverse Batman, who could probably run through multiple brick walls, but still end up getting stabbed by a girlfriend.

Wonder Woman

Much like the other heroes' costumes, we've already had a good look at Wonder Woman's armor...

Hey there Lasso of Truth!
Hey there Lasso of Truth!

But what we were yet to cast our eager gazes upon is her weaponry. And boy do they not disappoint.

The sword has been engraved in some kind of incredible, ancient looking scripture. Is it Amazonian? Is it Greek? Who knows, but it is pure awesome!

Here's Diana's shield, it also is engraved with ancient text and visibly scarred from various otherworldly battles.

If these costumes are a barometer of quality, then BvS is going to be excellent, because these costumes look incredible. Especially Wonder Woman's. Plus, it's nice to see these without Zack Snyder's customary dark color grading...

(Sources: Collider, Coming Soon)


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