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Now, if there's one piece of potential superhero casting that's bound to get any given group of Marvel fans stirred up, it's Captain Marvel. Sure, the new, soon-to-be-announced Spider-Man is a big deal, but there's a general sense that no matter who Marvel chooses, he'll be pretty darned Peter Parker-like.

With Captain Marvel, though, there's a very real fear floating around that Marvel could go in a direction that...well, doesn't exactly mesh with how we all imagine Carol Danvers on the big screen, or how she appears in the comics as Captain Marvel.

After all, unlike the likes of Cap, Iron Man and Hawkeye, she's changed a fair bit over the years. From her very-much traditional-looking origins...

...via that iconic Ms. Marvel costume...

...all the way through to her current and intensely bad-ass battlesuit (and donning of the name Captain Marvel)...

...Carol has changed A LOT.

Which, despite opening up that Pandora's Box of concerns, also happens to have a silver lining.

Specifically, that:

There Are a Whole Lot of Actresses Out There Who Could Play Captain Marvel

After all, any role that the (extremely talented) likes of Emily Blunt, Katee Sackhoff and Katheryn Winnick - not to mention the extremely distinctive-looking Natalie Dormer - can all be considered fan-favorites for isn't exactly one that's visually set in stone.

Which, thankfully, has the fringe benefit of meaning that there are a whole lot of incredibly talented performers out there who're potentially in consideration for the part.

A group into which, it seems, one more actress has very much just jumped.


Bryce Dallas Howard REALLY Wants to Play Captain Marvel

Yup, that's right - that Bryce Dallas Howard.

The strikingly red-haired, waifish, soon-set-to-appear-on-the-big-screen-in-Jurassic World Bryce Dallas Howard. Who, at first glance, doesn't really look like the most obvious Captain Marvel material - but boy howdy, does she sound keen to play the part...

Asked by Cinema Blend if she had any interest in playing the role, the actress' response was emphatic - and included one of the most astute distillations of why Marvel is so well-loved I've yet heard:

"Oh my God, will you write that? Will you write that please? Yes, let’s start a campaign now. That would be rad...Those movies are so fantastic, because talk about just these incredibly drawn characters! That’s the joy of the comics, is that you fall in love with these characters and it’s who they are that carries you from journey to journey to journey ... it’s not just about set pieces. It’s really about who these people are, and so, yes, I just would love to be in a Marvel film."

Which, in fairness, makes me totally on board for her to play the part, simply because she clearly 'gets' Marvel, and what the MCU is doing.

Could She Really Play Captain Marvel, Though?

After all, despite roles in major action movies like Spider-Man 3, Terminator Salvation and the upcoming Jurassic World, the vast majority of Howard's roles haven't exactly showcased her as the sort of ass-kicking bad-ass that we're expecting to play Carol Danvers.

On the other hand, though, she does have previous experience looking tough-as-nails as a blonde...

...and, crucially, if Carol ends up hanging out with the Guardians of the Galaxy for a while (as she has recently in the comics), then we already know Howard is more than capable of dealing with Star-Lord's particular brand of snark...

What do you think, though?


Would Bryce Dallas Howard make a good Captain Marvel?

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