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She was pretty, naive, and blonde. Nick was tidy, matter-of-fact, and a do-it-yourself type. Sure, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's marriage lasted only three years, but we couldn't help enjoy their dynamic for that short period.

How could anyone forget this glorious moment caught on camera for the entire world to see? The "Chicken of the Sea" part starts at 3:14:

It's been a decade since the divorce, so I completely understand if you're wondering what ever happened to the newlyweds and their family. We have the answers for you.

Jessica Simpson

Simpson may have come off as a ditzy blonde, but don't be fooled. This girl has actual talent and is quite the businesswoman. Besides releasing 7 albums since 1999, this woman has also acted in films such as The Dukes of Hazard, Employee of the Month, Blonde ambition, and so much more.

Jessica Simpson was also the spokesperson for Weight Watchers as she tried to lose her baby weight from her first pregnancy. She has also created her own edible beauty line, appeared in commercials for Pizza Hut, Proactive, and Ice Breakers, and she even launched her own fashion line of purses and shoes.

Simpson has used her fame and fortune to give back to the community by donating money and necessary items to those less fortunate. She is currently married to NFL player Eric Johnson, and they are happily enjoying two children together.

Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey married his girlfriend of five years, Vanessa Minnillo, and they have two children together. As exemplified in the show, Lachey is a dedicated sports fanatic, and is a part owner of the Hollywood Fame and the Tacoma Rainiers.

This multi-talented man does more than just sing and dance. He has also acted in countless films and TV shows, including Charmed, Hope & Faith, One Tree Hill, and Hawaii Five-O to name a few.

Lachey is a passionate member of the Entertainment Council for the organization titled Feeding America, which aims to feed the hungry. What a distinguished and respectable man Lachey is.

Ashlee Simpson

Like her older sister, Ashlee also possess immense talent in the world of performing arts. Trained in professional ballet, Ashlee started out as a backup dancer for her sister before she began to release her own albums. She has also appeared on film and television. Her credits include The Hot Chick, Undiscovered, Malcolm in the Middle, Melrose Place, and so much more.

Ashlee has her own fashion lined for girls aged 7-16 to go along with her sister's fashion line. Ashlee is also a loving mother of two, and is currently married to actor Evan Ross.

Tina Simpson

Tina Simpson amicably divorced Joe in 2012. After dating her boyfriend Jon Goldstein for two years, Tina was recently engaged just last week. Goldstein is the owner of Johnny Appleseed Landscaping, which produced the Bel-Air Hotel.

Congratulations Tina and we how you have all the happiness in the world.

Joe Simpson

Some people have momagers, while others have dadagers. Known as Papa Joe, Joe Simpson served as his daughter's managers for many years. At 57 years old, Joe Simpson is still pushing strong with his passion for managing talent, including 22-year-old Scottish American model Jonathan Keith.

It's so strange to think he used to be a Baptist minister, but let's remember that people tend to have more than one passion in life.

Newlyweds taught us that perhaps reaching your "happily ever after" might take a few tries and fails before you really meet your significant other.

We wish Jessica, Nick, Ashlee, Tina, and Joe all the happiness in the world. You guys deserve it.


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