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The 1990's was an age of amazing cartoons and classic films that apparently only 90's kids seem to remember.

Hidden among the finest sitcoms and major blockbusters was a small television show, a show with an ensemble cast of all ages, and Yales.

Earth 2.

The story centers around space colonists in search of a new planet to inhabit, a new earth if you will. After years in cryo sleep in the long journey to the planet, a small group of the colonists crash-land only with an engineer, a pilot, a billionaire, a robot, 2 children, a doctor, and an arrogant couple.

Title Sequence
Title Sequence

Over the program's short 22-episode run, the characters face alien threats and conflict amongst themselves, whilst trying to find the civilization they were looking for in the first place.

So What Happened?

The show was one of the most popular shows early in its run, but overtime lost interest of the viewers, leading to it's cancellation.

The show ended in a way that didn't please viewers due to it's abrubt nature.

The final episode was indeed a cliffhanger, but fortunately it's a cliffhanger that can be used if a continuation of the series is put into production since the protagonist is put in cryo sleep due to a mysterious disease.

Adultish Gambino
Adultish Gambino

The Characters

In this aspect you could say the show is somewhat unique in comparison to many shows then, as well as today. It featured a female in the lead. Devon Adair played by Debrah Farentino. She's the billionaire who is in charge of the mission that led to their crash landing, as well as mother to Ulysses Adair played by Joey Zimmerman who you may recognize from the popular Disney Halloweentown franchise as well as a small appearance on That 70's Show.

Play that sad Hulk walking away song!
Play that sad Hulk walking away song!

Now without getting too political here I can say that it's not often that we see that in comparison to male led shows, and there's nothing wrong with that, but it was a very interesting move on the creative side of things.

John Danziger played by Clancy Brown

MR. KRABS!!!!!!!!!!
MR. KRABS!!!!!!!!!!

Clancy played the sort of "mechanic" role and father to his daughter, True, who was played by J. Madison Wright who sadly passed away in 2006. You can read more about her here.

Supporting Cast

The Supporting Cast
The Supporting Cast

Clockwise: Tim Curry, Joey Zimmerman, Rebecca Gayheart, Jessica Steen, J. Madison Wright, John Gegenhuber, Antonio Sabato Jr, and Sullivan Walker who sadly passed away in 2012.

The Aliens

The planet features a host of alien creatures that dwell there, including Terrians and Grendlers. I'd talk more about them but I can't say much without spoiling anything. Aside from the protagonists, these anti-hero-esque aliens provide even more depth to the story.

WARNING: There's a picture below. Don't want you to be startled.

Why you should watch it!

In my opinion, this show is one of the greatest sci-fi programs ever. If I could compare it to one other tv show, it would be Lost, which does have some of the same crew, thus explaining similarities.

hehe. hehehehehehehehe
hehe. hehehehehehehehe

This show was so ahead of it's time and I think that's why it lost a lot of it's viewership. I think that if it could gain that audience back, that maybe...just maybe it could be revived. So I recommend that you go and watch the show, and speak out about it! The fan outcry was heard back in 2005 which warranted a Blu-Ray release of the 1 and only season.

You can watch the intro here.


So will you be watching Earth 2?

Thanks for reading!

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