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There was rumor falling around that Netflix is picking up Blade series. This will be MCU version take of vampires does exist in MCU, but more realistic way that they can come up with. Blade have teamed up with Daredevil and Punisher. It is possible for Blade be part of the universe,but not Avengers members. It would be interesting if there is team up with Avengers since Spiderman is part of MCU and Morbius is Spiderman's villain. There might be vampire apocalypse threat take over earth with Avengers including Blade.

1. Wesley Snipes

It would be cool if take all three movie and turn it into part of MCU that never done before. Wesley Snipes wanted Blade 4, but possible he could do this. He lived longer than Avengers and never mentioned because it was impossible for vampire exist in MCU.

2. Boris Kodjoe

Since Resident Evil is coming to the end soon, It would be great opportunity for him to jump from zombie world to vampire world. He was also worked in TV career for Last man on the earth.

3. Michael Ealy

He done vampire franchise in Underworld. It is great example that he could play Blade and he done TV series couple times. He was in Almost Human and recently The Following. The Following is cancelled, so he seemed available for next better role. Blade is a good answer to it.

4. Laz Alonso

He have done TV series couple times and recently appears in Mystery of Laura. He have been in Fast and the furious. He have some personality and behaviors that he can able do Blade.

5. Lance Gross

He have good personality that he can able to do this role. He done TV also. He rarely have big roles. It would be good opportunity.

6. Morris Chestnut

He done a great TV roles and he have good physical fit that actual fit for the role.

7. Omar Epps

He almost resemble to Wesley Snipes in some way. He could be a great fit and experience TV roles and he have played his role in Resurrection that shows he can be Blade.

8. Texas Battle

He have the great look and physical. He played tough guy roles and played serious. He can have hard and dark humor in him. He have not have big roles like this. He could jumped from Horror movies like Final Destination 3 and Wrong Turn 2. He beat cannibalistic hillybillies in Wrong Turn 2 however this is good example he can play Blade.

9. Gary Dourdan

He played CSI investigator in CSI series. He got killed off honorably. We don't see him play big roles and looks like waiting for good roles like CSI. This would be good role for him to play Blade. He somewhat resemble to Wesley Snipes.

10. D.B. Woodside

He done a good TV roles like 24 and serious role like Parenthood. He seemed closely resemble to Wesley Snipes. He have a great fit that could play the main role in the Blade Reboot.


Who could fit Blade the best!!!!


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