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We are only halfway through the year of 2015, and one movie has really hit home for me: “MAD MAX: FURY ROAD!”

What is it about the movie that could have left such a lasting appeal? Why could a simple action movie be a GREAT movie? Well, every piece of the movie answers that question. But here are a few things for starters:

First of all, the plot is incredibly easy to follow. “Mad Max: Fury Road” follows the character of Max who is captured and comes across the badass Furiosa, as she sneaks away the leader Immortan Joe’s five wives to a safe haven. …that’s pretty much it. This is the fourth film in the “Mad Max” franchise, but doesn’t seem to fall under a certain time frame among the three, but it isn’t a remake either.

THE MOVIE IS PRACTICALLY ONE WHOLE ACTION CHASE SCENE. We do get a lot of exposition revealed in the beginning, but once the action really starts, IT’S FULL THROTTLE TO THE ENDING. This movie has some long action scenes that don’t feel repetitive nor do they drag on too long. But one of the more noteworthy elements of the action scenes is the fact that it uses minimal special effects which we have been lacking in the past few years. If it can be done in real life, it’ll be done in this film! Of course it uses some movie magic here and there but “Mad Max: Fury Road really does take you back to the golden age of action movies using real stunts that leave you gripping your armrest. That is honorable in a time when many movies lately have featured CGI heaving action scenes.

This movie even allows for some good breathing room. There are moments between each action scene that really does a good job of giving more background to the protagonists of the story and give a feel for the kind of people they really are. This is also another one of the strong aspects of the movie. What I found interesting was that despite these people living in this grim wasteland and doing what they need to in order to survive, you still manage to care for them and hope that they do find solace at the end of their road (no pun intended).

The ending I found to be very well done. It is a nice reflection of humanity as how people are forced into desperate situations in desperate times not only need hope, but also to never give up. That helping others who suffer as you do can not only help you both but even others.

You’re probably wondering how this whole thing has gone from praising an action movie to sounding like a human study. Well, the truth is, that’s the impact this movie had on me. This movie is definite fun and one of the best action movies TO DATE. But it still refrains from being mindless fun and creates a lasting effect on the audience as it shows a world with sympathetic characters, suffering societies and unlikely bonds in the unlikeliest circumstances.

Take the any chance you get to catch “Mad Max: Fury Road” in theaters! You will not regret it and do your summer justice to have seen this film.


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