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Now, there aren't too many ways in which Avengers: Age of Ultron wasn't ridiculously awesome - its lack of dragons, velociraptors and Spider-Man can't really be held against it, for instance - but there sure were a couple of scenes that blew the awesomeness (and fan-service) through the roof.

Like, for instance, a certain conflict between a certain Iron-clad billionaire in an - even for him - flashy-ass suit, and a certain rage-fuelled green id-monster.

Y'know, this one, with all of the wanton destruction, Hulkbuster suits and magnificently over-the-top action that an Avengers fan could ever hope for:

Now, from a merchandising perspective, though, a scene like that is both a gift and a curse. On the one hand, a whole lot of fans - young and old - will have walked out of theaters wanting nothing more than a bad-ass action figure replica of that awesome fight sequence - and in particular the iconic Hulkbuster suit.

That, though, created an inherent dilemma for toy-makers everywhere - how to make a Hulkbuster suit that wasn't inexplicably the same size as their other action figures.

Well, thankfully, the good folks over at King Arts have not only managed it - but they've come up with a glorious, 16" high solution to the problem...

A stunning, 1/9th scale die-cast version of the suit, the Hulkbuster not only features LED lights in the eyes, hands, feet and chest... well as a whole lot of points of articulation...

...but also includes the greatest possible feature of all - the ability to put a full size Iron Man action figure right inside it:

The only problem? That bad boy'll set you back a whopping great $649.99...

Even so, it sure is pretty...

What do you reckon, though?

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