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I've got to preface this by saying arson is a serious crime and while fire can be fun, it isn't a good idea to build your own flamethrower if you aren't experienced. Ok, blah blah blah, got that out of the way. Now, check out this unbelievable [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) inspired ukelele with a flamethrower attached to it.

Somebody has to show me a cooler cosplay accessory than this in 2015 and I will owe them some kind of prize. I've yet to see anything better than this. If you've seen Mad Max you are well aware of the Coma Doof Warrior who was rocking out on his electric guitar with a flamethrower attached to it while riding along the Fury Road.

Here it is below...

I would argue that the ukelele is a little bit more low-key, but easily just as cool and since it was built by a regular guy and not a high-budget production team, it's equally as impressive.

Makezine even put out a video that shows you how to make your own! Check it out below.

Halloween is, what, 4-5 months away? I think that's plenty of time to build one of these. Yelling trick-or-treat while jamming on the ukelele as fire sprays from it would be a pretty solid move, in my book.

I just hope California's drought ends so that this doesn't become reality.

(Via: A.V. Club)


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