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Horror buffs! Gather your crosses, fake blood, scythe, fangs, masks, and cloaks.

AMC is in the works of creating an all-horror film streaming service called Shudder, which will host more than 200 horrors. Yes, my creepy friends, this includes the classics and the modern films.

It only costs $4.99 a month, or $49.99 for a whole year if you are already a member. Horror films of different genres, including foreign, romantic bloodsuckers, urban decay, and the like are featured on the site. Therefore, you don't have to worry if you're craving a very specific type of spooky movie.

A separate feed known as will display and continuous loop of various horror films, which is inspired by AMC's annual Fear Fest.

While this service is only available for those chosen for the beta testing, we regular folk will have to wait with baited breath, and hope that all goes well. Then it will soon be open to the public.

For now, I'll browse through the Netflix options, though I have to say it feels like it takes longer for me to finally settle on a mediocre film than it takes to actually watch it.

Maybe this is our answer from the horror gods!

[Source: UPROXX Movies]


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